How We Give Back at Childe

Childe was founded with the concept of producing eco responsible eyewear with innovative style that considers the future is nature and provides a brand platform that creates opportunity to give back to the community.

The following is how we at Childe Eyewear give back and contribute to high impact social and environmental action with support to local youth, community mental health, our friends in remote parts of Indonesia, coastal and environmental care, carbon offset planting trees to support environmental wellbeing and longevity. We thank you for your support as customers and friends. We welcome you into our Childe Familia and our eco considered journey to make a positive impact on the future of our generation and planet we inhabit.

How do you embrace your Social Responsibility?
We support a number of social and environmental organisations and charities as we love to give back to the community and the environment.
We produce and operate with consideration that the Future is Nature :-

Tell your friends you love them

We recently launched a capsule collection Love Childe with mental health organisation Tell Your Friends You Love Them to strengthen the love between friends and encourage the healthy sharing of emotions to build more open loving relationships.
We have invested over $25,000 into this program to date with the primary objective being to create more open sharing of emotions and support through love.
From this collection we also donate proceeds to who provide guidance and counselling through adventure therapy to support youth who are homeless or have experienced trauma.

Childe supports Human Nature Adventure Therapy
The demand for youth mental health services grows every day and our programs are needed now more than ever. Support from our donors like you is vital in helping us be there for young people with no where else to turn to.
Every donation large or small has a positive effect and provides us with a reliable and sustainable source of funding to help us effectively plan and deliver our innovative, evidence-based youth mental health programs.

We will be joining Human Nature in November 2023 on an adventure therapy walk with Inspired Adventures. This 3-day adventure at The Scenic Rim in Queensland will captivate your imagination, from summiting Mt Cordeaux and then the volcanic peak of Mt Mitchell and observing their breathtaking sights, to descending into ancient rainforest, lush heath, and sitting by waterfalls amongst the incredible wildlife of World Heritage listed National Parks - we have packed in a diverse ray of experiences that you don’t want to miss in some of Australia’s most celebrated scenery.

Human Nature wants to give as many Northern NSW youth the therapeutic and mental health support they need to create a safer and brighter future for themselves. Join us on the Hike for Human Nature 2023 trek and by doing so you are directly helping enable more youth to benefit from their life-changing programs. Register
You can donate to Human Nature here

Childe support the Carbon Neutral Plant-a-Tree program

We have purchased 400 trees over 12 months to contribute to the Carbon Neutral Plant-a-Tree program in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor in Western Australia which contributes to socio-economic co-benefits and aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
By purchasing from the Carbon Neutral Plant-a-Tree program or our Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Offsets, this contribution will help reduce the impacts of climate change and restore habitat loss for some of our most endangered species in Australia.

Carbon Click - Childe offers customers the option to purchase a carbon click on checkout which is then donated to CarbonClick who have offset over 100million kgs of carbon CO2 through planting of over 5 million trees. Carbon Click is a Gold B Corp Certified company meeting the highest standards of social and environmental impact. This option is giving our customers the opportunity to engage in top quality, high impact climate action

Childe supports and offers the GiveGet® program
Customers get rewarded for conscious spending with Give Get
Earn rewards each time you donate to charity or shop with leading
retailers like us who are focused on improving social and environmental standards.
GiveGet® was founded to create an ecosystem that recognises organisations that operate with purpose and to give back to those who shop consciously. It’s a win for charities, a win for brands, a win for shoppers, and a huge win for the planet.
Brands who want to be part of the program level up their operations. Charities get a booster rocket for what matters most. Shoppers can bask in the warm glow of helping the community, all whilst saving money and getting rewarded.

Surf Aid - Make a Wave - Childe Eyewear supports Surf Aid with a monthly subscription and raise money each September during "Make a Wave" by forming a team of surfers that surf everyday of September to raise funds to help provide clean water, sanitisation and medical supplies for the remote communities of Indonesia. Last September we raised $16,000 towards a total raised of $645,000

We actively campaign for and with environmental, ocean and animal welfare led organisations such as

Childe is inspired by and supports musicians, artists and activists in our community to create an inclusive community that enables us to build our brand platform and create opportunity to make a positive social impact.

During Covid lockdowns we activated a series called The Childe Live Lounge 
We started the Childe Live Lounge on Thursday evenings to provide positive support to mental health during COVID lockdown. The objective is to provide a light, fun, happy experience via live music performance through live Instagram.

We were all going a little stir crazy and mental health was setting in due to overthinking, financial stress, social anxiety, lack of human interaction, and confined spaces with people you found uncomfortable to be around. These are all totally normal feelings but also feelings we like to have control over or be able to accept so we don't get overwhelmed.

Listening to live performance brings good vibes and helps to overcome negative or overwhelming feelings so we wanted to enable musicians and artists to share that experience in the easiest way we could with you.

Via our brand platform, we enabled the community to come together and enjoy the tunes.

_ _ 

We believe in freedom of speech, human rights and equal opportunity.

Childe provide's equal opportunity employment across all genders. We love to love and inspire.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we live and work, the Arakwal of the Bundjalung, and pay our respects to Elders past and present.

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