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Courtney Luzmilla of Moody Beach:

"There is a lot of negativity energy floating around the world in the current environment. I think we as artists have an important role in expressing not only how we feel but supporting the people in our communities. I personally have been more involved in helping with the Mental Health Awareness and BLM side of things, trying to raise money, sell merch and also just give back because we can’t just take and take.

"As an individual who is open about my own depression, anxiety and having lost a family member and friends, it has genuinely been a mission of mine to not shy away from the topic. Whether it’s using Instagram as a platform to talk about it, getting messages from young kids who tell you gut wrenching stories and just making their day by responding with positivity. I want people to know that I care about them, even if we are worlds away. I am very honoured to use my gift as a way for change and sending a good message even when sometimes you just want to shut down."

How does music as a creative outlet and then as platform help and inspire you and those around you to be positive?

"No matter who it is, we can drop music onto all the platforms and maybe it isn’t necessarily a hit or gets a lot of attention but music is about making at least one person in the world feel a little bit better. You never know the music we create today or tomorrow could change or save someone’s life. I reckon that is pretty powerful in itself, just another language of connection to people."

Courtney and Moody Beach recommend contacting or donating to Beyond Blue for mental health support.

Enter our Childe Live Lounge RAFFLE in support of mental health.

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VIP tickets to your very own Childe Live Lounge featuring the Childe Live Lounge bands in February 2021.

All ticket sales and proceeds will be donated to Beyond Blue.

Tickets $20 each but you can buy as many as you like to increase your entries and increase your support to mental health organisation Beyond Blue

We started the Childe Live Lounge on Thursday evenings to provide positive support to mental health during COVID lockdown. The objective is to provide a light, fun, happy experience via live music performance through live Instagram.

We were all going a little stir crazy and mental health was setting in due to overthinking, financial stress, social anxiety, lack of human interaction, and confined spaces with people you found uncomfortable to be around.

These are all totally normal feelings but also feelings we like to have control over or be able to accept so we don't get overwhelmed.

Listening to live performance brings good vibes and helps to overcome negative or overwhelming feelings so we wanted to enable musicians and artists to share that experience in the easiest way we could with you.

Via our brand platform, we enabled the community to come together and enjoy the tunes.

The response we’ve had has been very inspiring and people want to see it continue beyond lockdown so we decided to keep it rolling once a month or whenever it comes together on any given Thursday. No pressure.

We hope you enjoy the show and as a brand, with a voice and platform, we intend to do much more to help you, our friends, and the local communities with events and actions that provide fun and positive inspirational energy to create positive mental health patterns.

You can get help in many different formats so please reach out and ask.

These links below are a few community organisations that offer free support by listening to your problems or needs to provide help and support for YOU in various forms.

You can contact each for yourself or donate to each organisation to help others:-

One Eighty Inc - One Eighty's vision is a future free of youth suicide. “Run by young people, for young people"

Beyond Blue Lifeline - Start The Conversation. Sign Up and Get Support. Support your Wellbeing.  - Crisis Support, Suicide prevention


You never know the music we create today or tomorrow could change or save someone’s life. I reckon that is pretty powerful in itself, just another language of connection to people. Courtney Luzmila of @_moodybeach
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Jess Bush aka One Jessa is the wonderful creative artist who built the repurposed household item flowers and features as our rock star gardener in our 2020 Childe plant based sunglasses stop motion animation campaign.