Childe Uses plant based nylon Bio Lenses for Ultimate Vision, Comfort, scratch resistance and premium UV Sun Protection
The Childe Hand Made Bio Eyewear, Childe WiLDe sunglasses and Childe Aquatic polarised eyewear collections feature innovative bio lenses made from 39% renewable resources derived from plant based castor oil as opposed to crude oil lenses. Our premium plant based bio nylon lenses are comfortable to wear, scratch resistant and offer superb light transparency clarity with premium UV sun protection—all while significantly reducing carbon footprints and supporting sustainable resources.

Childe sunglasses offer Category 2 and Category 3 sun lenses across our collection:-

  • Category 2 lenses are Medium sun glare protection as per our Amber Gradient, Rose Gradient and Purple sun lenses.
  • Category 3 lenses are High sun glare protection as per our Grey, Blue Telluric, Amber and Green Polarised sun lenses

Both of these lenses are UV protective and are suitable for driving.

In Australia, sunglasses and fashion spectacles are regulated under the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1067:2016. This standard specifies requirements and categories for the performance of sunglasses and fashion spectacles, including their lenses. The categories are primarily based on the level of UV protection provided and the amount of light the lenses allow to pass through (visible light transmission, or VLT).

Here’s a breakdown of the categories according to AS/NZS 1067:2016:

Category 0

  • Visible Light Transmission: 80% to 100%
  • Usage: These lenses have a very low level of light reduction and a slight tint, suitable for indoor use or cloudy days. They provide limited or no UV protection.

Category 1

  • Visible Light Transmission: 43% to 80%
  • Usage: Lightly tinted lenses suitable for use in low sunlight, providing limited UV protection. Ideal for style or cosmetic use rather than functional sun protection.

Category 2

  • Visible Light Transmission: 18% to 43%
  • Usage: Moderately tinted lenses for medium sunlight exposure. They provide good UV protection and are suitable for daily wear in typical sunny conditions.

Category 3

  • Visible Light Transmission: 8% to 18%
  • Usage: Darkly tinted lenses suitable for bright sunlight conditions. These lenses offer high levels of UV protection and are ideal for general use in sunny environments, including the beach and road use.

Category 4

  • Visible Light Transmission: 3% to 8%
  • Usage: Very darkly tinted lenses suitable for exceptionally bright conditions such as high-glare environments, but not suitable for driving or road use. These lenses offer the highest levels of UV protection.

Each category is designed to ensure that consumers can choose sunglasses that provide appropriate protection and comfort for different lighting conditions.
Sunglasses sold in Australia must be labelled with their lens category and comply with these standards to ensure safety and effectiveness in UV protection. This also ensures that Australian sunglass brands like Childe Eyewear are the best in the world for UV sun protection.

Sustainable Lens Replacement: Wear your Childe for Life
Over a billion pairs of sunglasses are produced each year and a large portion of those end up in landfill each year due to scratched lenses. At Childe we don’t want to contribute to that problem so Childe Eyewear has partnered with the award-winning local Byron Bay company, The Sunglass Fix, to offer a unique lens replacement program that enables a sustainable sunglass lens solution to keep your favourite Childe for Life in pristine condition. 

Understanding the rigors of daily life, we appreciate that scratches can happen along the way - whether it’s from cleaning your glasses with a beachy tee or from them tumbling around in a handbag or toolbox. But we don't think a scratch should spell the end for your favourite shades.

Our innovative "Childe for Life" program with The Sunglass Fix ensures that your Childe sunglasses can be enjoyed for a lifetime. This initiative offers free lens replacement for up to 12 months from the date of purchase. After the first year, you can continue to refresh your sunglasses with high-quality, eco-sensitive replacement lenses available at a reasonable cost directly from The Sunglass Fix.


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