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The CHILDE Hand Made Bio Acetate Eyewear frames are made from 100% bio-degradable Italian Mazzucchelli M49 Bio-Acetate made from organic compounds of wood and cotton pulp fibres. This premium organic M49 bio-acetate is built to last a lifetime as eyewear but is also 100% bio-degradable under controlled industrial bio-degradation conditions of International standard ISO 14855 and compostable by the ISO 17088 standard.

Childe WiLDe Plant Based Childe WiLDe Sunglasses Made from Plants not Petrol for an active lifestyle
Frames are made from a plant based grilamid polymer made from 61% renewable resources. This polymer is petrochemical free and dramatically reduces carbon emissions.

Childe Aquatic Polarised Bio Sunglasses -Eco-considered, bio-acetate and plant based Polarised eyewear to enhance your view on an oceanic lifestyle.
Designed in Byron Bay, Australia to provide you the ultimate UV sun protection to see the sea

Each frame is crafted meticously by hand and is complimented with an innovative plant-based Polarised bio-lens.


Childe lenses are a plant based bio lens that beautifully compliment our eco conscious frames. 

The plant based lenses are made from a castor oil base nylon which is made from 39% renewable resources.

Plant based lenses are light, scratch resistant and provide premium optical clarity.

We don't use glass as it can shatter or break particularly when using as a lifestyle sunglass.

Review our sustainable #Childeforlife replacement lens program so you can rock you Childe for life.


We use triple barrel stainless steel hinges as they are the strongest and most durable quality hinges.


We have a synthetic foldaway hard case provided with every CHILDE sunglass purchased from us online.

This is a generic hard case that fits every style that we produce so we are not producing multiple cases that need to fit multiple styles.

This was the most considered and sustainable option in providing quality eyewear care.


The Poly Bags we use for our shipping packaging are by Better Packaging Co. This is a bio-degradable home compostable bag.


Our CHILDE sunglass packaging is environmentally considered-

In consideration to the environment, we do not create extra packaging, excess waste or unnecessary plastic for or within our packaging.

Our sunglass socks or pouches are made from recycled PET plastic bottles. These pouches are also great for cleaning your glasses. Use clean water only and do not add sand :)

Our sunglass cardboard boxes can be recycled.

We only print with plant-based inks on the packaging boxes so no petroleum inks are used by CHILDE.

Any plastic used in our packaging is compostable.