Prescription Lenses

Prescription lenses for your beloved sun or eye glasses is a fabulous and intricate journey, so we at Childe take you on a stylish ride through the optical cosmos to find your favourite frames for your perfect vision lenses.

Whether we're deciphering your unique prescription or guiding you through a trippy frame selection, we're on a mission to make your world feel and see like never before.

So, get ready to open your eyes to a new dimension of style and clarity – Childe Eyewear style.

How our Childe Eyewear prescription lenses work for you:-

1. Choose your favourite Childe Eyewear frame from our epic eco eyewear sunglass collection for your prescription optical or sun glasses.
2. Check our pricing below and decide what you think is best for your lenses?
3. Email us your prescription with pupil distance (PD) and your choice of frame style and colour. Email to
4. We will email you back to confirm and send an invoice to take payment via PayPal, credit card or bank account deposit.
5. We then make and dispatch your eyewear to you within a week or two.

Please note:-

PD Explained: The Space Invader
PD is the secret sauce for perfectly fitting lenses. PD is the space between your pupils in millimeters. You gotta have that number to get your lenses sitting just right. If your prescription doesn't spill the beans on PD, hit up your friendly independent neighbourhood optometrist or optician to get your correct PD for the ultimate fit and clarity.

Custom Lenses (Progressive, Bifocal, Multifocal):
Feelin' fancy? They can whip up some custom lenses for you, but it's a bit like crafting a unique cocktail—you gotta chat with 'em, confirm if it jives with your frame choice, and then they'll drop you a quote. It's a party!

Health Fund Rebates?
Not at the moment sorry

Returns? One-Way Ticket Only!
Listen up, these prescription glasses are like Cinderella's glass slipper—they're tailored just for you. So, no take-backs or refunds. Once you're in, you're rockin' those lenses for the long haul!

Pricing guide
*Choose your frames from our epic sunglasses collection as we don't sell frames seperately.
Prices listed below are for the optical lenses only. Frames are paid for seperately.

Prescription Optical clear readers and sunglass lenses:
$150 per pair, including tint colour, UV and scratch resistant lens coatings
$310 per pair, including tint colour choice tint, UV, scratch resist and non-reflective coatings

Prescription Polarised sun lenses:- $380 per pair, UV POLAR filter, including tint choice, scratch resist and anti-reflective coatings.

*these are generic prescription quotes which are subject to change pending individual requirements to fit accurately

And there you have it, the prescription lens extravaganza from Childe Eyewear, where fun meets fashion meets clear vision. Now, go rock those new specs with a smile!


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