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Childe Live Lounge May 7 - Perve Endings, Marcie O'Neill, Tuppaware Party

Welcome back to the Childe live lounge for our third installment of live shows direct from the artist's lounge to your very own Instagram. The last 2 weeks have really showcased how interactive and cool these personalised live shows are for all of us. They really are the next best thing to a gig night out and are doing wonders for our mental state of mind.

This week we have another diverse display of amazing Australian talent including Brisbane's melodic punk rockers Perve Ending's, Mullumbimby spoken word artist Marcie O'Neill and Cronulla's suburban pop candy Tuppaware Party.

Let's get to know this week's artists in the Live Lounge and their showtime

Perve Endings 8:00pm

Perve Endings

Brisbane’s Perve Endings are shaping a genre of their own matching their lust for fiery punk rock 'n' roll with their magnetic harmonies.
Watch for the rotating vocals and songwriting between the group too.
New released track "Slow Burn" is absolutely stunning.

Marcie O'Neill

Marcie O'Neill at 8:15pm will deliver his spoken word live on the Childe Instagram @childe_co
Marcie’s words and art are an attempt to map our existential landscape and to describe how we project ourselves upon it. They are rickety bridges between the conscious and unconscious mind. They describe the fragile construct in which we vibrate between happiness and sadness and how we reconcile the moments and memories that connect the two. Marcie has performed and exhibited around the world including performances with members of the Australian Chamber Orchestra.
He is by his own admission, a happy but worried person.

Tuppaware Party 8:30pm
Tuppaware Party represent a suburban dystopia. Like a nail bomb wrapped in bubble gum and fairy floss. Hailing from Cronulla, hidden away in Sydney's south. Shelly Fitzpatrick and her Tuppaware Party band deliver sexy indie pop with hidden agendas that leave you mesmerised and always wanting more.
Shelly Fitzpatrick Tuppaware Party

 Tune in Thursday Live on each artist Instagram from 8pm AEST


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