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Something that's very dear to our hearts at Childe Eyewear is celebrating the creative-genius energy that flows through us all, and the wild ways that people pour it from their hearts and into the world. We've found it so rewarding since day one to collaborate with the brilliant musicians and artists in our hometown of Byron Bay, and across Australia, and find ways to support and encourage their expression.

The Chats, Peter Bibby, Tupperware Party, Marcie O'Neil, Perve Endings, Miniskirt, Pearl the Girl, Vast Hill, Paige Valentine, Mac the Knife and The Oogars... are a few Australian music acts that have a fire in their belly and put a twinkle in our eye. If you cast your mind back just a few weeks, you might remember being in the nosebleed section of your own lounge room, watching some of these artists perform on our Instagram as part of our Childe Live Lounge program. The Childe Live Lounge is something we created to strengthen our connection with our community and share stimulating musical ideas far beyond the confines of our seaside little town.

Truth be told, it also was a little internet hug that softened the loss of live music for the indefinite future, and gave our talented friends a platform to jam from.

That's why we've started curating some Childe Spotify playlists to continue to bring vivid, curious, fantastic, and off beat music to you. Brimming with the talent we've been lucky enough to cross paths with at a festival, mixed with anthems we've been raised with, and peppered home grown bands, we just want to treat you to some good quality tracks.

Our first playlist is VOL 1: London Calling.  Consider it a soundtrack to our adventure to the UK last year.  You can get walk down memory lane here:

We hope you enjoy VOL 1: London Calling.  We're open to requests too, if you ever want to send them in via email, DM or by posting a comment below.


As a cherry on top, here is a clip from a previous Childe Live Lounge session.

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July 30, 2020


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