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Childe Culture

The average Australian family throws 1 out of 5 shopping bags of perfectly good food in the bin. the effects of this detachment from our food are much more widespread than a few million tonnes of perfectly edible food going into landfill each year. Subpod are the inspiration we need to begin reclaiming our right to slow food.
We want people to feel they have purchased a product that is made with love, feels good and is a part of their persona while also being responsible to the environment and future of our planet and next generation.
Dom Littrich is an extraordinary Australian talent - the drummer of Pacific Avenue, MC of Big Twisty, regular guest with The Inspired Unemployed and damn straight hilarious human being always bringing the high vibes. Dom has been campaigning for Blackdog Institute and Mullets for Mental Health so we had a chat with this diamond in the rough love-able larrikan
#WeWearAustralian aligns us at Childe Eyewear together with likeminded Australian brands to showcase the incredible home-grown talent of the Australian fashion industry, at a time when they have been doing it particularly tough over the course of this pandemic. Support and shop Australian brands today
Ripl mission is to end the cycle of plastic and poverty in Bali. We sell a range of beautiful insulated water bottles and use the proceeds to employ locals in Bali to collect plastic from beaches. We then take the plastic they collect and use it to manufacture water purifiers, which we donate back to their communities so they don't have to rely on bottled water. 
Karlee Mackie is an incredibly talented artist that works under the name of Mlak her latest art show is a collaboration with photographer Portia Sarris titled B Eve and plays on the word Believe by removing the word ‘LIE’ from it. It’s about empowering women and their bodies and rebelling against the lies society has fed us about the female body.

As a team we at Childe Eyewear are aiming to raise $10,000 for the people of Indonesia during September with Surf Aid's Make a Wave initiative. With your support, we can give families the best chance of getting ahead by providing access to healthcare, clean water and sanitation and improved nutrition.

The world needs Billy Otto right now and Billy Otto actually loves the fucking world right back - all of it, every single bleeding bit of it.
He's been healing wounds and making music with his contagious effervescent energy that is epitomised in his brilliant new single - "California".
Yellow Jack short fashion film follows the crew - The Captain, The First Mate, The Chef & The Engineer - of an old vessel returning from a long voyage at sea. Before they are allowed shore leave, the ship is commanded to anchor indefinitely in harbour due to the outbreak of plague. As boredom gives way to restlessness, anarchy creeps aboard as The Captain tries desperately to maintain order while battling her own mounting delirium.
Miranda Plummer and Kate Dodd are the beautifully gregarious women behind the infamous Our Corner Store Bangalow. They offer personalised styling tips with a giggle so you feel comfortable treating yourself or finding a gift for a loved one. The personalities in their store that make this retail experience unique.
Meet our Childe FAMILIA -Drew and Annelies are the owners of Electric Mermaid Barber Shop in Brunswick Heads on the northern rivers of NSW. Over the last 12 months they have built a very fun, unique and passionate business that serves their local community with style and plenty of good honest banter.
At the end of the day, we consider ourselves to be artists, so we really appreciate how trusting and relaxed Childe is when we approached with an idea. That’s how magic is made. Anything too contrived or too closely based on other brands’ previous campaigns is boring - and neither Lousy nor Childe is boring.