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Childe Culture

The SHIFT Immersive experiences offers a plethora of healing modalities facilitated by the individuals who have mastered them. Online experiences you never knew you needed - the portal into the Void between the old and the new you. Today from 7-9pm SHIFT presents High Supply breath work for mental health support.
Bee Rizzi fights the good fight for the outrageously good times of truth, partying and Rock n Roll in West Oz. On December 20 her agency Peggy Sues along side Peter Bibby presents the 12 bands of Christmas plus 5 Dj's at Mojos Bar Fremantle. Should be an absolute HOOT.
As humans effect on nature is undoubtably negative, Ive noticed natures effect on humans is the opposite. This is the catalyst for me to take a closer look at our Earth Oceans Atmosphere - James Adams
The Clique Community - An online platform for female photographers created by Cait Miers to connect, create, and learn from world leading and like minded photographers.
Think Facebook/LinkedIn networks with all the features to connect, without the nonsense. A platform for creatives by creatives.
Jess Ruby James photographed a stunning sacial  campaign for us with a couple of her Byron mates Lily Guthrie and Marli Maddison.
Her use of natural light to highlight a persons natural features is exceptional.

You never know the music we create today or tomorrow could change or save someone’s life. I reckon that is pretty powerful in itself, just another language of connection to people. Courtney Luzmila of @_moodybeach
If you have a choice to protect the environment at absolutely NO cost to quality or style of a product.... take the god dam plant-based option.
Jess Bush aka One Jessa is the wonderful creative artist who built the repurposed household item flowers and features as our rock star gardener in our 2020 Childe plant based sunglasses stop motion animation campaign.
I wouldn't even regard myself a photographer. I’m more a conduit for ideas to be realised. I rarely look through the camera anymore, it drives my clients crazy and as anyone who knows me knows, I rarely shoot anything in focus. I’m looking for the feeling in an image, the gravity of the moment we’re creating.
Paige Valentine has just released her single 'Pure', a tune soaked with romance, keys, synths and Paige's soothing vocals.  We chatted with Paige about swapping live shows for live streaming for the Childe Live lounge, the meaning of love, and setting her creative mood.

Mental health support is real. It's out there ready to help you in the form of family, friends, websites, instagram, at the end of a telephone call or just in the way you treat yourself with nutrition, exercise and sleep. Listening to your favourite music is good too. Always ask for help if you feel you need it. 

Cait Miers has built a successful career and lifestyle as a freelance photographer. Her new empowering program 'The Clique' is helping build the next generation of female photographer dreams into reality.