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Pearl Herbert is a singer and actor from Bondi Beach.
Her first voice over was at 4 years of age and then she appeared in classics like Puberty Blues and Home and Away.
Pearl then dabbled in Malaysian musical theatre even appearing as Yasmin in Sinbad the Sailer before concentrating more as a voice actor, musician and singer with a beautifully powerful pop sound.
We love Pearls down to earth nature and naturally love to follow her career path so recently we tapped into whats happening next for this always evolving Aussie talent... 

Where do we find you today and where do you think your going?
Currently sitting in my apartment in Bronte Beach preparing to move overseas in a few months.

Where did you grow up and how did you become a musician both in work and art?
I grew up in Sydneys, Bondi Beach. When you’re brought up by two parents freelancing in the entertainment industry you’re not likely to end up at a 9 to 5er. I did my first voice over at 4 years old and have been a voice artist for the last 22 years. My parents claim that I sung before I spoke, not sure how much of this is true but it sounds good, doesn’t it? I’ve been singing, dancing and acting ever since. I was fortunate to land a roll in Puberty Blues and Home and Away in my teens, which ignited my passion for acting. At 16 I dropped out of school to pursue my music career. I started writing top-lines for Electronic Dance acts, toured Malaysia dipping my toes in musical theatre, playing the roll of Princess Yasmin in Sinbad The Sailor. Arriving home at 18, I launched my own personal project, I dabbled in electronica, folk, indie rock before I landed in the indie pop world today.

I believe your parents are both musicians can you tell us about them and how they influence you to perform in your early years and still today?
Growing up the household was full of music, My mum is a singer and my dad also a singer, actor, voice artist.
I have really followed the trajectory of my fathers career. It is a beautiful relationship one that I share with my parents. We share our successes and the hardships.
I often remind myself there is no feeling I have felt that my father or mother hasn’t at some stage in their careers and so to have their support is incredibly valuable.

How does music pay your bills or rent so to speak?
About two years ago I was able to support myself solely from my music career. I put together a band performing live, DJ, song-write and thankfully my voice over career allows me to spend lots of time pursuing my creative pursuits.

And when does music become your art?
That’s an interesting question. When part of the process is treating art like a muscle that I exercise it can become quite mechanical depending on the circumstances. My main passion is songwriting so I suppose it’s when the lyrics fall onto the page. For me, as long as there’s something sincere to express it’s easy….. no pressure!

Is writing music a therapy process for you?
Of course. It’s how I’ve mended my heart, It’s how I’ve fallen apart, and it’s how I’ve put myself back together. However the way it feels has changed. As I get older it’s a little harder to tap into that existential crisis mode which is where I used to find the most reward. There’s a resistance to feel dark, at least the way I did when i was a younger. Convincing myself the world was ending, drinking copious amounts of whiskey and literally crying onto my piano and for what? I would put myself through awful situations and justify it for the sake of art. Nowadays I am blessed with perspective and I’m able to write in a way that is a little less detrimental to my health, ironically it can feel dull but I suppose everything is larger than life when you’re young and you don’t know anything…. even though you think you do.

Can you walk us through your song writing process please?
This always changes for me. I used to start with journal entries, I was incredibly stubborn about only making music if I knew what to say. But, I see the full scope of it now. I’m inspired by the way music makes me feel and move, how it soundtracks moments, and even stores memories.
I have to be conscious of a few bad habits along the way but I always change things up, sometimes starting with production, or just a guitar and nowadays I actually love to just sit back down at my piano and do it the OG way.
It’s like being home.

I assume you become attached to certain songs you write pending the time and place and emotional attachment. What is the song are you most proud of or attached too right now?
I’m very attached to one of my songs “Anywhere But Here”, it’s on my album which will be released later this year. The rest of the songs are very sassy and naturally very me. This one though is the simplest song I think I’ve ever written, it’s not too tricky, it’s not trying to be anything or making a statement. It’s an absolute joy to sing despite it’s brooding sentiment and the production really sets the tone.

Who are a few of your favourite song writers?
Favourite songwriters include Fiona Apple, Adam Duritz, Ed Sheeran, Annie Clarke, Matty Healy, Lola Scott, Alex Turner.

Who are your favourite performers?
Considering the only shows I’ve been too for the last couple years are Australian acts I think I’ll take the opportunity to list some of my favourite Aussie Performers; Mel Blu, Art Vs. Science, Private Function, Jack Ladder, and Sloan Peterson.

You are an amazing live performer. What gets Pearl most excited with your music?
Thank you my dude. I love performing and the thing that gets me going is people to actually play too. Take that Covid!

You’ve been performing with your friend Sloan Peterson in her band lately. How is that experience for you?
It is the absolute best. Joe Joe (Sloany P) is my bestest friend, we also seem to double as an old married couple. We’ve been living together over the last 6 months and have really relished in the joy of playing music together. I think that’s something I lost site of during Covid, music bringing people together. A sneaky collaboration may even be on the way.

When will you release your next single and album?
Alas, you will be the first to know when I do debut my album later this year.

I believe you are moving to Berlin. How exciting !! What’s the plan here or are you just being open to the experience?
I am going to liiiiive man. I really need a change and a culture shock should do the trick. I’m going to see if I can make a bit of a home for myself there. Plan to perform live, DJ and I’ll still be able to record from home any voice over work.

Is there a Pearl European tour?
Funny you ask. Not a tour of sorts yet but I did just book my first gig in Edinburgh UK in August. I plan on hitting Edinburgh fringe festival, so I thought I’d play a gig while I’m at it. God damn, I can’t wait to live in Europe.

When are you performing in Australia before you depart for Berlin?
A full band show has yet to be determined but Sloan and I will be playing a little stripped back set of all our new material early June, as part of Vivid.

Do you have any words of wisdom or words to live and love by?
Just keep throwing shit at the wall, fam. Working in the music industry can be addictive, keep chasing that high but be warey on the way down.
Thanks Pearl
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Check out her latest release theHoneymoon Suite here
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