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Welcome to CHILDE

CHILDE is an Australian brand building sunglasses in Italy for the rockers 'n' rollers of today.

We like it raw, we like it loud and we like it sustainable.

The Childe brand, products and community is built on punk sensibility fuelled by design expressions of raw energy, powerful brand values and environmentally sensitive manufacturing principals.

CHILDE is embodied by the ancient symbol of the ouroboros - the serpent eating its own tail defining the universal cycle of life created from death.

childe ouroboros

Our CHILDE Ouroboros symbolises the infinite evolution of our brands expressions of raw energy.

Re-invention through destruction.

This natural cycle of life created from death reflects our focus on using bio-degradable and sustainable materials in our creative eyewear designs.


Created in Australia, hand made in Italy with a healthy dose of rock'n'roll thrown in for good measure.

CHILDE pushes forward, it is a kick in the teeth to the mundane and a kiss on the lips to the progressive.