Georgia June to Stay all Day - presented by Young Henrys x Childe

Hey Georgia and gents, congratulations on a busy year! I feel like Georgia June has been the name on many lips and on many posters this year. Whats in the tour schedule and recording works right now ?

Yes! We’ve been loving every minute of it - the busier the better. We are currently on tour with Sales from the US and are about to move into festival season, FOTSUN and Lost Paradise, alongside a bunch of fun events across Sydney over summer. We also have been growing our demo pile and writing more than ever, which is also extremely exciting.

Currently you guys have only three recorded tracks up on Spotify, and yet your live shows seem to show no end of material - how excited do you feel to finally get the album out into the world in a few months?

It will be the biggest sense of relief yet. It’s strange, because we have been sitting on the songs from this record for almost two years, and since then we have been writing non-stop, and despite us being proud to release the record, we’re even more excited to share what will follow it.

The music video for Try Again is beautifully shot by Gabriel Gasparinatos  and showcases a whole lot of shoulder shimmying improv. Georgia, does performing come naturally to you or is there more of a Sasha Fierce persona you adopt in front of camera or on stage?

Gabe is an incredible director, I felt very lucky to be able to work with him and Tom Black on the video. I think that I am my best self on stage. I don’t think I am a completely different person, but perhaps an exaggerated version of myself. I think on/off the camera/stage, I’m quite energetic and animated and although I get nervous before every gig, I still love every minute of performing and think it is a very ‘what you get is what you see’ attitude.

Personally, what I love about your image as a front woman is that it's largely centered around a signature look -something artists are often trying to reinvent themselves through over and over. How important do you think it is for emerging artists to establish something more trademark as a brand or look for themselves? David Bowie loved to evolve his brand through his career is that part of your brand evolution too?

That’s so sweet- thank you! I think that every band/artist approaches their visual aesthetic differently. Some of my favourite bands, Beach House for example, are very chic and do the all black thing, and nail it. Then, on the opposite end of the spectrum, is Charli XCX who completely transforms with every single she releases. I hope to evolve with my music, but I’ve always had constant style icons, so although I may grow, I don’t know if I will completely change.

A little 50's, a little Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and a whole lot thrift shop chic - where do you draw inspiration for the Georgia June’s Pinterest mood board?

Well, I am on Pinterest all the bloody time, that blue light is definitely not good for me. I have had the same style icons for a while, Pattie Boyd, Alexa Chung, Jackie Burkhart, Suki Waterhouse, Zooey Deschanel- SO MANY! I also love shopping, I can waste hours just wandering around and trying on clothes, whether it be at the markets or thrift stores, I’m on the constant hunt for more librarian chic looks!

I've often seen you out and about and I can confirm the general consensus would deem you the absolute sweetheart of the local music scene here in Sydney. Do think Kanye's right when he says that artists are given their roles to play in the industry like the pop princess, the rebel etc? Can you name who inspires you as a muse or icon?

That is so nice!!! Aside from my mum (who inspires me daily) I adore Emma Watson, she is intelligent, courageous and kind. I also admire P!nk a lot. I think she has always been a ‘no filter’ artist and super empowering through her music.

With so many incredible gigs throughout the summer festival season, which one do you predict to be a real milestone moment for the band?

Closing the year together as a band at Lost Paradise will be special. We spend so much time together, and we all see each other’s highs and lows. A celebration of the year that has passed and looking at the year ahead!!

What time do you play Stay All Day Festival and can we expect any new material or surprises?

We are on at 9!! We’ve got a few new songs in the set and will definitely be shaking it up a little- SEE YOU THERE!

Stay All Day Festival

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