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Winter is well and truly on it's way, which is partly sad because of the beach and stuff, but really when there's so many ways to stay warm - i.e drinking beer inside a pub listening to excellent local music with your mates - there's really not too much to complain about. Here's some ways to be warm this weekend...

Charging Stallion w/ Undercover Crops

A super fun line up to ease you into the weekend on this fantastic Thursday evening. Charging Stallion are the kind of band you wish followed you around, their songs are so damn catchy, but never become annoying, it's truly incredible. Even if you've never heard their songs before, you'll be singing them with your fist in the air at the gig. It's like your cheering on your favourite footy team when you're watching them, it's not even a competition but you know they're winning something... perhaps the hearts of the punters, and your smile just won't stop. So if you're into smiling, I'd probably head along to the gig...

Thursday, May 16th - Globe Alley, Melbourne


Mini Skirt

A big weekend for these fragile punkers kicking off Saturday evening at a sold out Weird Place Fest with a ripper line up including Ute Root, Stiff Richards, Lost Tones, Noughts, Liquid Face and a bunch more. Then the lads have to back it up at the notorious 2am Yah Yah's slot down the road. Far out. It's been a little while between drinks for the Mini Skirt boys, this weekend being their first show in months, so there's no doubt they'll come out swinging hard. Get amongst it!

Saturday , May 18th - Weird Place Fest, Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Sunday, May 19th (2am) - Yah Yahs, Melbourne


Johnny Hunter

After wowing the punters up north last weekend the powerhouse that is Johnny Hunter are homeward bound to knock around their local haunts. These shows are not to be missed, building incredible momentum over the last few months they'll be looking and sounding hotter than ever.

Friday, May 17th - Mona Vale Pub, North Sydney

Saturday, May 18th - University of Wollongong, Wollongong

Sundam, May 19th - Upstairs @ Freds, Camden


Glitoris w/ The Buoys, Elki, Fangin Felines

Talk about femme fatale, holy hell, this is a big one. If you're keen on getting your ears thrashed, getting behind some kick-ass females and fighting the patriarchy, we know where to look for you this weekend. This is a red hot line up of super talented female bands that know how to tear the roof down. If you haven't seen or heard anything about Glitoris before, they are a serious force to be reckoned with, bringing well played, thought out vintage punk tunes with a heavy emphasis on politics and sticking it to the man, they're really ticking all the boxes for us. So chuck on your fishnets and head down there. Ps, you might want to call in sick on Monday.

Sunday, May 19th - North Gong Hotel, Wollongong


Amyl & The Sniffers w/ Disco Junk

The king pins of Australian pub rock are back in the country for a short amount of time and they're doing a super cool, super intimate show at Record Paradise, Melbourne to celebrate the release of their upcoming debut album. It's going to be an awesome show to be at, I dare say it'll be fairly intimate compared to the shows they have become accustomed to. So if you want to pre-order the record, get a free signed poster and be sworn at and potentially spat on by Amy, I'd make sure you're there.

Sunday, May 19th (from 4pm) - Record Paradise, Melbourne

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