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Another weekend, another delightful ear thrashing for those that are in the know. We consider ourselves fairly in the know, and we're here to impart some snippets of live music intel onto you. So go forth, use the intel, tell your friends, grab a beer and soak in the sweet sounds our country has to offer.

Nick Nuissance & The Delinquents, Shogun & The Sheets, Luke Spook, Shady Nasty

This is a whopper line up. Four of greater Sydney's finest on the one big afternoon in sunny Wollongong. What a dream. CHILDE favourites Nick Nui have had a little rest on the gig scene I'm sure they're champing at the bit to turn a sleepy afternoon Wollongong crowd on it's head. Shogun & The Sheets, ex-Royal Headache front man Shogun's new venture, has serious balls. Luke Spook, a Wollongong area angel and Shady Nasty, who has a super interesting sound, deeply moving and genre-bending, I imagine they will be a treat live. If you're in the Gong, get around this massive afternoon!

Sunday 5th May - North Gong Hotel, Wollongong


Mesa Cosa

A big weekend for the Mesa Cosa lads, venturing out of their Melbourne lairs and heading north to treat the Sydney punters. What a treat. If you haven't seen these guys, you should, they really know how to put on a show. Messy, confusing, sweaty...... strangely arousing. Anyway, you've got three chances to catch them this weekend Sydney folk, so no excuses.

Fri May 3rd - Vic on the Park

Sat May 4th - Dicey's

Sun May 5th - Frankies Pizza

 Babe Rainbow

The Babe Rainbow guys are stepping out of their space machine again to play some shows. This weekend they'll be in their spiritual (and physical) homeland - Byron Bay. With a new single "Earth is an Egg, Don't Frack It", Babe Rainbow are travelling out across our land to deliver good will, good vibes and the good message.

Sat 4th May - The Northern, Byron Bay

Also on this weekend...

 Pagan w/ Crocodylus

Fri May 3rd - The Snake Pit, Central Coast

Johnny Hunter w/ Girl Germs, Dr. Sures Unusual Practice

Sat May 4th - The Tote, Melbourne

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