CHILDE Gig Guide

It's another long weekend (kind of)... has the last one even finished yet? We don't know, but we do know there's lots of excellent gigs on again in this musically blessed country of ours. So make sure you see some live music.

Drunk Mums, Dumb Punts, Meat, The Nugs, Little Elizabeth, You Legends

Once again the Tote have pulled off an enormous ANZAC Day line up for all you lucky Melbournians. Would you look at the size of this thing? This is some of the best bands Melbourne has to offer all in the one spot. My favourite thing about watching all of these guys play together is that they're all the best of friends, so the energy is high and the on stage shenanigans is down right ridiculous.

Thursday 25th Apr - The Tote, Melbourne



The Oogars w/ Beddy Rays + Visas

Your favourite ladies are at it again, playing a big one at The Northern this weekend. They'll be supporting Brisbane grunge-rockers Beddy Rays, who have been effected by the Brisbane Violent Soho epidemic and we bloody love it. If you're in Byron town over this seemingly never ending long weekend, be sure to catch this gig. 

Sat 27th March - The Northern, Byron Bay



Bitch Diesel w/ Dead Eyes + Reigner

Bitch Diesel are killing it in the Melbourne punk scene at the moment, and all girl band that brings the punch. With dark melodies and haunting vocals these girls really get a crowd doing that dance somewhere between head banging and full-body spasm, kind of like a fish standing up, you know the one I'm talking about. Dead Eyes are a newish band popping around Melbourne at the moment that sit somewhere between psych and surf rock, I'm liking the sounds of them and it seems like the people of Melbourne are too. 

Fri 26th March - The Pennyblack, Brunswick, Melbourne



Flight to Dubai w/ Unfit For Human Consumption + Huckleberry

A highly underrated Sydney outfit (featuring a couple members of Nick Nuissance and the Delinquents) Flight to Dubai have been gaining a fair bit of momentum of late. With an incredibly theatrical sound and stage presence these dudes are a force to be reckoned with. They're heading to Newcastle to play the iconic Lass. It should be a fair sweat fest. Get around it.

Fri 26th March - The Lass, Newcastle

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