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This weekend is overflowing with good music, luckily it's a long weekend baby. A super extra long one, so there's plenty of time to fit in as much music as you can. Even when you think you're full, and you don't think you can fit in one more power cord, you must neck up and suck it down. Kinda like that Monty Python scene with that ginormous guy with the after-dinner mint. That's you this weekend and not because of the chocolate goodies. 

Boogie Fest w/ Goons of Doom, Bad Dreems, Dumb Punts, The Chats, Magic Dirt, Bunny Racket, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats plus heaps more

Boogie Fest goes down on "our mates farm" in Tallarook, Victoria. It's their thirteenth year in business and they have gone absolutely bananas on this line-up. The acts listed here are only like a third of the bands playing. It's absolutely off it's rocker. Our picks to watch are: Goons of Doom, on a roll at the moment with live shows and sounding absolutely amazing, the songs from their new album beg to be listened to live. The Dumb Punts are always a must and a sure-fire way to get your head banging, a movement you can carry through to The Chats set. Also wouldn't miss Bunny Racket, particularly if you've got a grom or two with ya.

April 19th, 20th, 21st Tallarook, Victoria


Byron Bay Blues Fest

Iggy Pop is playing. Iggy Pop, George Clinton & The Parliament Funkadelic are playing. Iggy Pop, George Clinton & The Parliament Funkadelic and Paul Kelly are playing... 

*also make sure you catch Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

April 18th to 22nd - Byron Bay


Concrete Lawn w/ Perspex

We've been listening to these guys a lot lately and they bring the fire. Conrete Lawn have that rough, straight up, kick in the nuts thing that we've been loving out of the Sydney scene at the moment. Judging from Instagram, their gigs are pretty heated too, so I'd get around this if that's your thing. The Kings Cross Hotel is a pretty hot spot to watch em too I reckon.

Thursday, April 18th - Kings Cross Hotel, Sydney

Bad Friday w/ DMA's, 100, The Buoys, Johnny Hunter, Shogun & The Sheets, Tropical Fuckstorm, Crocodylus and more

I've never been to this festival, but each year it pulls a more and more impressive line up. If I was lucky enough to be in Sydney this Friday I would definitely be heading there. The DMA's haven't played on their home turf for over a year so that's going to be massive. There's loads of epic up and coming bands on the line up that have been gigging their asses off. PLUS the ever elusive Shogun & The Sheets are playing, I would not be missing their set, they could combust at any moment...

Friday, April 19th - Railway Parade, Marrickville, Syd


Skegss w/ The Chats

Arguably two of the biggest bands in Australia right now, on the one line up. Pretty sick. Skegss have been the soundtrack for angsty teens sinking tins on the weekend for quite a while now. They've done their time playing empty coastal bowlos and they've well and truly earned their spot on some of the biggest stages this country has to offer. The Thursday gig has already sold out, and I'm sure the Friday's not far behind. I would jump on this now, because I reckon it will become more and more rare to catch these two bands playing a smaller venue.

April 17th, 18th - Torquay Hotel



 So kids, there's plenty on. Happy long weekend, now bloody get amongst it. 


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