Waterwomen's Campout with Surfers for Climate June 14-16 Flat Rock Tent Park Ballina

A Weekend of Ocean Love, Learning, and Legacy

Dive Into the Waves of Change: Join the Waterwomen's Campout with Surfers for Climate. June 14-16. Flat Rock Tent Park. Ballina NSW

Lauren Hill surfing with a smile

Picture yourself ensconced in sun-kissed sands, the vast, blue horizon stretching out before you as the ocean’s waves whisper tales of yore and mysteries untold. This is not a distant dream but a vivid reality awaiting you at the Surfers for Climate's inaugural Surfers for Climate Waterwomen's Campout.

This extraordinary gathering is more than a celebration of the sea—it is a convergence of passion, a symphony of over 100 spirited Water Women uniting for a weekend saturated with FUN plus educational workshops, healthful wellness practices, soulful connection, and pure surfing joy with new friends.

An awesome opportunity to absorb wisdom from the leading luminaries of the waterwomen surf community. Go surfing and swap stories with intrepid character and big wave charger Laura Enever, draw inspiration from the trailblazing Lauren Hill, feel the living legacy of the legendary Pauline Menczer, and witness the blooming prowess of fledgling talent Tully White, among a host of other esteemed ladies.

Why You Should Join

The weekend promises to be a transformative experience, fostering a sense of community and shared passion for surfing.

Through a series of workshops, panel discussions, and activities, Surfers for Climate aims to empower women to confidently own their place in the lineup. Addressing the challenges female surfers face in a male-dominated space, experienced and pro surfers will share their stories and strategies for overcoming barriers and forging their own paths forward.

By creating a supportive environment, Surfers for Climate seeks to uplift women in the surfing world, breaking down barriers and promoting equality while having a whole lotta fun.

This initiative not only highlights the importance of inclusivity but also celebrates the unique contributions women bring to the sport, ultimately enriching the entire surfing community.

Embarking on the Surfers for Climate Waterwomen's Campout is not merely attending an event; it's embracing a pivotal movement. Participants will not only bask in the ocean's timeless beauty but will also plunge into profound dialogues encompassing sustainability and marine conservation.

Venture beyond mere appreciation of the seas to a realm where your ardor for the ocean is channeled into impactful action, learning from trailblazers who've carved out monumental legacies in their athletic pursuits and environmental action alike.

And you can win a pair of Childe Aquatic Polarised Bio Sunglasses when you join the Water Women camp with Surfers fro Climate 

Workshops and Activities

Gear up to submerge in a curated selection of activities, each designed to enlighten and invigorate.

Connection to Country with First Nations women around the fire, through food, song, ceremony, weaving and conversation.

Engage in invigorating surfing clinics helmed by seasoned professionals, partake in thought-provoking panel discussions on the criticality of ocean preservation, and immerse in interactive workshops aimed at sharpening your aquatic skills while heightening your mindfulness of the ocean's pivotal role in our world.

Beyond the adrenaline, wellness avenues will intersperse the schedule, offering restorative sessions that promise to rejuvenate your body and kindle your spirit, harmonizing perfectly with your fervor for the maritime realm.

How to Participate

Sign up! And then lets go surfing, camping and dance under the moonlight while diving into this transformative journey having beautiful fun among these admirable water women.
For comprehensive details and to lay claim to your place at this landmark Waterwomen's Campout, hit Surfers for Climate's official website

Josie Prendergast surfing Billabong
Lauren Hill sunset

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