Return of the Mullet Pro

Childe Eyewear are thrilled to be part of the eagerly anticipated 2024 Mullet Pro!

This spectacular event is making its grand return after a four-year pause, and it's happening this Saturday, March 23rd at Tamarama Beach. Together, we're set to make waves, combining fashion, surf, and a shared commitment to spark crucial conversations around mental health.

The day kicks off at 7:00 AM, inviting you to be part of the world's most celebrated FOAMIE competition, proudly in collaboration with our friends at Mullet Boards, ONEWAVE, Curly Lewis and more.

It's an all-inclusive celebration where surfers and enthusiasts alike gather for not just a competition, but a festival of fun, fashion, and community spirit. Expect a jam-packed day with a fashion parade, dynamic dance-offs, awards for the best dressed, party wave, and most memorable wipeouts, all in the spirit of our beloved Myron Love, Jon Love, and Sam Keating.

Remember, this is a DRESS-UP EVENT, so let your imagination run wild and your outfits reflect the extraordinary!

The excitement doesn't wrap up with the sunset. Stay tuned for after-party details, promising to extend the good times well into the night. Your participation and donations are vital, as we aim to support cancer treatment within our local community. Whether you're there to catch the waves or just bask in the vibrant atmosphere, your presence contributes to a greater cause.

So, mark your calendars for a day where we celebrate life, community, and the joy of surfing in style. Gear up for an unforgettable adventure where we don't just ride foamies – we ride them with heart, passion, and a touch of flair.

See you there!

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