Vinyl Treats

Vinyl is back baby, in a big way. For quite a while now the record revival has been bubbling away, and for good reason. Everything about owning your favourite record on wax is exciting. Peeling back the plastic, scouring your eyes over the front and back cover, whacking it on the player, hearing the needle crackle and then boom, it kicks in and the sound is so much better than your cars Bluetooth player. You find new little parts of your favourite songs you didn't even know existed. Beyond the nostalgia and novelty, there's something really special about the complex simplicity of dropping the needle on a  vinyl that infinitely trumps plugging an AUX cord into your iPhone.

So to celebrate our live for vinyl, we got a few from some of our favourite Australian bands at the moment, and we're giving them away with any purchase of our bio-acetate range. Lucky you!

Here are the hard rocking options we've got for you -

DRUNK MUMS - Urban Cowboy 12"

The mighty Drunk Mums have been at the top of the Melbourne pub rock scene for quite a little while.

They’re a real bands band. And a fans band. People bloody love ‘em, and what’s not to love? They have an incredible knack for diversity that carries through all of their EP’s and albums so far, they put on an ear crushing live show, and they’re great to sink a tin with.

This year the Drunk Mums released debatably their best release to date – “Urban Cowboy” a full length, full throttle album.

GOONS OF DOOM - Black Skull Bong 12"

Goons of Doom are the Australian kings of surf trashing, beer smashing, logic defying rock’n’roll.

We dare say that many of your new favourite bands went to a Goons gig as a young salt drenched grommet and at some point during the set thought “Fuck, I wanna do that” and then started a band. Nonetheless there will only ever be one true Goons of Doom.

This year they released their first ever vinyl for their brand spanking new album “Black Skull Bong”, we reckon it’s one of their best albums to date, and god damn it sounds good on wax.

PETER BIBBY - Grand Champion 12"

Peter Bibby is Australia’s unsung folk hero. He’s like Paul Kelly if Paul Kelly drank copious amounts of Fruity Lexia, brushed his teeth with concrete and played guitar with a brick. We mean this in the best way possible.

Late last year, the West Australian released his second album "Grand Champion". Like his previous album, it is honest, brutal, uncensored and a delightful breath of fresh air. His scathing lyrics slurred over the top of raucous guitar playing is what make songs such as “Long Baby”, “Medicine”, and “Work for Arseholes” so god damn unforgettable. 


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