Hello gig-goers, beer swiggers, toe-tappers, scene lovers and sweat monsters. The shiny pot of gold (the weekend) at the end of the long, long, draining rainbow (the working week) is nearly upon us. So we've compiled a few ripper gigs for you to let loose at. There's even a couple on Thursday for those of you that have no care about performing to your full potential at work on Friday.

A.Swayze & The Ghosts, Crocodylus, Voiid 

This huge triple headline tour kicks off this weekend down south in Frankston and Hobart. A.Swayze are on the rise baby, recently announcing a release through punk giants Rough Trade Records (UK), you're going to want to catch them on this tour. Especially considering who they're sharing the bill with. Sydney larrikins Crocodylus, will no doubt be bringing their high-energy garage rock, as well the ever-intimidating* and hard hitting ladies from Voiid

*(They're actually sweethearts, but they will beat you up if they have to).

Thurs, 14th March @ Pelly Bar, Frankston

Fri 15th March @ Hobart Brewing Co., Hobart

Charging Stallion w/ Stiff Richards, Meat, Gamjee

I literally couldn't think of anything I would like to do more this weekend than go to this gig. Every band on this line up is in my top 20 favourite Melbourne bands. Headliners Charging Stallion are an absolute ball, I've never met anyone who didn't like these guys after seeing or hearing them. They've got two lead singers, its great, they're just up there moving their bodies around in ways that are equal parts embarrassing and intriguing while singing about losing their virginity and the Brisbane River. Stiff Richards will have you soaked in beer, Meat will have you wondering why they don't have any music recorded and Gamjee, well, I've harped on about them before on here. I can not stress this enough, you really should go to this gig.

Fri 15th March @ Grace Darling Basement, Melbourne

Tropical Fuck Storm

Tropical Fuck Storm sound like their name. If you like the Drones, then you've probably already been listening to these guys since they started out. It's the latest project from Gareth Liddiard (The Drones) and it is absolutely mental. Anything this guy does is impossible not to like. They're doing the rounds at the moment, so I would make sure you get around a show.

Fri 15th March @ The Great Northern, Byron Bay

Drunk Mums w/ Mesa Cosa

Two Melbourne powerhouses on a double-header. You beauty. Both these bands bring the riff and sing alongs creating a high energy show. I would maybe take a helmet if you're going along to this gig. They've both been at it for a while now, and the fanbase just seems to continue to grow. Maybe you could be part of this never ending fan base. Go catch em tonight.

Thu 14th March @ Globe Alley, Melbourne

Southern River Band @ Nukara Music Fest

"The Nukara Music Festival takes place in a natural ampitheater setting surrounded by towering River Red Gums. Set in a unique bush setting on Nukara Farm in the scenic Chapman Valley, this boutique music festival has been successfully running and growing carefully for the past thirteen years."

Sounds pretty bloody awesome to us. If you're around Geraldton area, make sure you head down there and support the lads from Southern River Band for us.

Sat 16th March @ Nukara Music Fest, Geraldton WA 

Bugs w/ Bad Sext, Perve Endings

Bugs play tasty pop drenched garage rock, it's irresistible. Once they start playing, that head will be bopping. They've had a strong hold on the Brisbane zone for a while now and have been catching a bit of hype from Triple J. With a solid couple of supports from some ass-kicking chicks it's going to be a belter. Make sure you get there early to catch Perve Endings, they will definitely be a band to keep your eye on this year.

Sat 16th March @ Brightside, Brisbane

 So go on, get out there, get sweaty and stay safe.

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