A-Swayze & The Ghosts

With a current resurgence of the iconic Australian pub rock scene, twisted with a healthy dose of early punk, it can be easy for bands to get lost in a sea of cheap beers, Aussie slang, Doc Martens and flannelette shirts. That's why you know that it's super special when one stands out from the crowd, either because they're doing it extremely well or they've got a little bit of something else going on, something different, an extra ingredient if you will. 

A-Swayze & The Ghosts, I would suggest, fall into the latter category. They have been making huge waves in the past year, gigging hard while putting out raw, thought out and seriously energetic tunes. However, I can't quite put my finger on what it is about their sound that makes them stand out so much. They've been likened to British punkers Shame, as well as the go-to band for comparisons in this genre, Eddy Current Suppression Ring. Even then, I can't quite digest these references as sufficient. Perhaps one factor that has helped create their unique sound and helped them stand out from the rest is their relative isolation from major music scenes. Coming from Hobart, Tasmania away from, say, the intensely thriving and potentially oversaturated musical cess pit that is Melbourne's inner-city. Maybe the lads have been able to find their secret ingredient in the tranquility of a smaller city scene. 

Whatever they're doing, they're kicking ass at it. Since their performances at Big Sound last year, they have been on the up and up, recently announcing UK punk giants Rough Trade records are putting out a 12" of their existing songs. They are now about to undertake a giant 9 date national tour with Northern Beaches mad men Crocodylus and Brisbane grunge rockers Voiid. We'll catch you there.

Watch A.Swayze & The Ghosts clip for their huge track "Suddenly"

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