The Southern River Band are Hell Awesome

"If you're into HELL AWESOME shit, check Southern River Band out" screams lead man Cal Kramer in a universal shout out to all rock n roll lovers.

We've been making noise about these West Ozzie rockers since we started CHILDE cause they absolutely fucking rock and also inspired our aviator eyewear designs.

Think late 70's / early 80's ROCK N ROLL - long hair, tight pants, brash talk and guitar licks that will make your toes curl. And these fuckers are tight... real tight.

When a band gets on a roll and gigs almost daily their sound and style really come together as a band. This Live at Enmore recording of Cigarettes ( Ain't helping me none) with hhhappy Music mag is a snapshot of how good these guys are...rock n roll musicians for the rock n rollers.

In between SRB gigs:-

Cal loves a bit of Thornlie Tavern or couch dwelling to indulge in his rock'n'roll wrestling fantasy while honing his guitar and songwriting craft and possibly sewing his own stage get up (Zebra pants) in between busting a few push-ups to maintain the rig.

Cal works his magic
Pattty Smith (Bass Guitar) works at a law firm

Patty Smith in between law firms
Dan Carroll (Rhythm Guitar) owns Rada Studios Perth where he produces mixes and records in between running marathons.
Nathan Sprouley (Drummer) is a sparky and also a leading session muso for multiple bands but its safe to say SRB is taking up most of that time now

We recently hooked up The Southern River Band with our mates at Wrangler Australia who caught Cal on tape in between styling the band in some new denim and threads. Here is a snippet of the man straight up ...

What’s it like on the road with SRB?

Man, its blur! The party never ends, really. Someone’s always running red hot and in turn, everyone else will follow, no man left behind and all that. Roll into town, make a whole bunch of new mates, celebrate the night's work until ya can’t celebrate no more, head on out to the next town, rinse (thoroughly) and repeat!

Dream gig venue/festival to play at?

Playing Shawn Michaels’ entrance music at Wrestlemania was always pretty high up on the ‘what if?’ list, but reality dictates that’s never gonna happen. To be able to play any venue ever with Van Halen, Lynyrd Skynyrd, AC/DC, Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band or Cold Chisel is the absolute f*****g dream.

The Southern River Band

How do you stay inspired/what inspires you most?

Real life! It’s all happening, all the time, and if ya actually get out there, look around, talk to people, listen to people and get right in the thick of it, your inspirational database will forever be expanding. A good ol’ fashion heartbreak doesn’t go astray, either.

Read the full interview over at Wrangler Australia here

Cal at home in Thornlie for Wrangler in the Secret sunglassesStay tuned to @childe_co and The Southern River Band interweb to see where these guys are blowing minds next...

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