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Miranda Plummer and Kate Dodd are the beautifully gregarious women behind the infamous Our Corner Store Bangalow. Mranda owns the store and Kate has worked alongside Miranda for over 10 years now. Together they have built a life long friendship and defined a unique and beautiful store aesthetic filled with quality homewares, fashion and gifts to create a fun and socially authentic retail experience. Miranda, Kate and the girls offer personalised styling tips with a giggle so you feel comfortable treating yourself or finding a gift for a loved one. As a true compliment their aesthetic is being mimicked in other parts of Australia but its their personalities that make this retail experience extra special.

Our Corner Store by Trevor King

Meet the Childe FAMILIA - our friends and family who are our business partners. The people you meet who are committed to giving the LOVE Childe. Our retail partners understand the finer details of our products to provide the knowledge and care required to give you the absolute best customer service in the business
These are the people with passionate personal stories about their retails stores. The family friends who style you in your new favourite pair of eco sensitive sunglasses #childeeyewear #lovechilde

Hi Miranda and Kate
When did you meet and how did you come together to create Our Corner Store Bangalow?
We met through mutual friends 11 years ago. We have successfully and happily worked together for almost 10 years, through all lifes up and downs evolving Our Corner Store to what it is today. It has been mostly lots of laughs and something to be proud of.

How would you describe your store collection?
Simple, quality, well designed goods for the everyday. Scandinavian/Japanese feel, we have to love it.

What do you love about the Bangalow community?
It is very special to be part of a community where you can also have a chat and feel connected.

What do you feel is unique and your special touch at Our Corner Store?
Definitely we treat our store like it is our lounge room. Everyone we try hard to make feel welcome and enjoy there time in store. Sometimes that is a little chaotic and rowdy but we love it. 

Miranda at Our Corner Store Bangalow


How has Covid affected your store in the past 12 months and what do you feel you have learned that is a change for the better?
Covid initially was a real shock and honestly a little scary. But the community support was actually incredibly, made us feel very proud and loved. Support also from the government was amazing, allowed us to breathe and get on with the job of doing what we do. What have we learnt? A few things. To let go and trust everything will be alright, we are blessed to live where we live, more time in nature, enjoy the slow time instead of fight it.

Where do you get the inspiration for each seasons collection at Our Corner Store?
A lot of our products are timeless pieces that are everyday classics. We are lucky enough to work with an incredibly creative team of brand owners, they inspire us and help keep us current. Travel, people watching, magazines, social media does give us ideas and inspiration, for sure.

Kate and Miranda at Our Corner Store Bangalow

What is your customer at Our Corner Store looking for at your shop?
Our shop is  a mix. We have a real local following which we love but also obviously get holiday makers. Male and female customers have a place to shop in store and we somehow cover all ages. We love that there is in someway something for everyone. One thing we work hard at is finding good quality products, that stand the test of time but are affordable.

Why do your customers buy Childe Sunglasses at Our Corner Store?
(Because we make them – ha ha joke ) Because they are well made, great designs that suit everyone and all ages, well price pointed. Also beacause they are near the counter so we don’t miss any opportunity to sell them.

What are your personal favourites in the sunglass collection?
The Drummer Vino Rossa with Rose Gradient lens, Reed Cola, Vivid bio Acetate in Crystal Sand with Amber lens

What do you do to be sustainable at Our Corner Store?
We recycle everything diligently, we support and promotebrands that are transparent and are leaders in there area, we buy locally made products whenever possible. We are currently in the process of analysing this properly, brand by brand and working out what we can do to improve. We would lve to do the bcorp qualification but know we have changes to make first. We want to do more, it is very important to us, work in progress.

Miranda at Our Corner Store Bangalow by Trevor King

What’s your favourite thing about your job and business and working together?
Finding amazing new products, helping people and making them feel good about there purchases. Chats with our regulars. Merchandising. We actually have a lot of fun and laughs. Fell pretty lucky really.
How do you have fun together outside of the shop? What other interests do you have together like art or camping etc
Surfing, snorkelling, camping, art, family/friend gatherings and cook ups, house design

What are your 3 favourite places in Bangalow?
Dodd’s house for dinner, events at Bangalow Show Ground when the whole community comes together, Bangas pub in the lounge area with a beer and crisps. We are looking forward to the new wine bar opening too.

Thankyou ladies. Have a great day and see you again soon.

All photos thanks to our mate Mr Trevor King @trevorkingphoto

Found some treasure at Our Corner Store Bangalow




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