Paige Valentine

Western Australia's Paige Valentine has just released her single 'Pure', a tune soaked with romance, keys, synths and Paige's soothing vocals.  This beautiful release of Australian music debuts amongst a cursed year for the industry at large, so we chatted with Paige about swapping live shows for live streaming for the Childe Live lounge, the meaning of love, and setting her creative mood.

Paige Valentine for Childe Eyewear


Hi Paige, who are you?

PV: I'm a singer songwriter from WA.

What time of day is your purest time to write and play music?

Night time, or after everyone's had a big night. 

Does writing and playing have different prime times to be in the zone or is it the same time and mood?

I usually get more creative after the sun goes down and the candles come out. I like to write at night and play piano and guitar in the evening. For some reason I've always been more creative when the world seems to slow down and quieten. 

How do your friends and family influence your music?

They have a huge influence on my music. I'm always getting sent epic playlists from my friends or am dancing in the kitchen with them to something good. My family is a big influence, mum and dad always listened to really old music and I think it's been such a huge part of my life and many road trips we did down to the surf, just playing old tapes and singing along.  

Why did you write Pure?

I wrote Pure as an exploration of unwinding time to when you first meet someone, trying to get back to that purity where there is magic and you're just so in love. I was noticing a lot of long term couples around me seperate at the time, it's about asking to go back to a blank slate, to forgive and work at it or choosing to walk away. 


Paige Valentine for Childe Eyewear blog

When do we get to see you live again?

When the next single is out I'll be doing another WA tour and we'll see how the rest of Australia is looking in a few months. 

What was the highlight of your live lounge experience? 

Seeing my friends commenting from around Oz, lots of new fans and trying not to blush while reading comments about my eyes. 

What is love to you?

Not changing someone. Freedom and truth. Reverence and respect.  For me to be in love I have to be deeply inspired. 


Thank you to Paige Valentine for participating in this interview.  You can listen to her newest single 'Pure' here on Spotify.  Photography by She is Aphrodite  and Paige Valentine.

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