Moody Beach in Childe Live Lounge for Beyond Blue support

The Childe Live Lounge is live performance in support of bringing good vibes and positive mental health which has become even more of an issue this year.

This Thursday 8pm brings Sydney band and dynamic duo Moody Beach.

Moody Beach is the brainchild of Sydney songwriter Melissah Marie. For Marie, music is a way of documenting what’s happening in her life. If you’ve ever seen Moody Beach perform, you’ll already know how she owns her space on stage.

“A woman’s body is still a controversial subject,” Marie remarks, “it’s something I consciously tackle through my music, alongside how I behave and what I wear. ”Sometimes that’s confronting for people. Marie has been told that it “distracts from [her] music…” a particularly disappointing critique in the middle of the Me Too era. “Mate, I am my music!” Marie responds “I get to decide what that looks like. I’m so done with these ideas of what a woman ‘should be'.” It’s a central part of who she is and through her music she hopes to make a little space for other women-identifying and gender fluid people who feel the same.

Melissah Maree Mirage

This year will see Moody Beach release some highly-anticipated new music, culminating in her sophomore EP ‘Mirage.’ Produced by Dean Tuza (Stella Donnelly, The Rubens, Thelma Plum), ‘Mirage’ will be released in early October & feature multiple singles as described by Marie: “When it comes to music, I’m not scared to experiment with genres. ‘Mirage’, is a collection of all my favourite sounds. Pop to shoegaze, flamenco to dark-wave - all fitting together in a sonic loop.”

Moody Beach @_moodybeach perform live on the @childe_co insta lounge in support of @byondblueofficial Thursday October 29 at 8pm for 30 minutes

We interviewed Courtney Luzmila and Melissah Mirage Maree from Moody Beach before whats sure to be a powerful performance this week as this is a subject very close to their hearts.

Moody Beach

Can you tell us about your personal experience with mental health and what are some things that have helped you overcome and work through these feelings and emotions?
Courtney: As an individual who is open about my own depression, anxiety and having lost a family member and friends, it has genuinely been a mission of mine to not shy away from the topic. Whether it’s using Instagram as a platform to talk about it, getting messages from young kids who tell you gut wrenching stories and just making their day by responding with positivity. I want people to know that I care about them, even if we are worlds away. I am very honoured to use my gift as a way for change and sending a good message even when sometimes you just want to shut down.

"There is a lot of negativity energy floating around the world in the current environment. I think we as artists have an important role in expressing not only how we feel but supporting the people in our communities. I personally have been more involved in helping with the Mental Health Awareness and BLM side of things, trying to raise money, sell merch and also just give back because we can’t just take and take.

Courtney Luzmila of Moody Beach - photo by April Josie

How did Moody Beach come to life for you Courtney?
Courtney: I joined in 2016 and back then I was playing drums. It has morphed so much since then from a 5 piece, 4 piece, 3 piece and back again. It’s been quite the ride and I am thankful for every moment.

How does music as a creative outlet and then as a platform help and inspire you and those around you to be positive?
Courtney: No matter who it is, we can drop music onto all the platforms and maybe it isn’t necessarily a hit or gets a lot of attention but music is about making at least one person in the world feel a little bit better. You never know the music we create today or tomorrow could change or save someone’s life. I reckon that is pretty powerful in itself, just another language of connection to people."

2020 has been a huge year for human rights and particularly the ongoing tragedies and issues of “black lives matter”. 
Can you please express your thoughts and ideas on how we can improve to be more inclusive as a society within Australia?
Courtney: As a women of colour I stand very proud to be in the position I am. However I am very well aware of my place in my community and outside of it. I suffered much of my childhood with racism and people judging my existence based on being an adopted Australian-Colombian. I feel quite sick to the stomach about the lack of attention and constant injustices of our native and black brothers and sisters here and around the globe. Nation wide action must not cease, we must keep protesting, speaking up and aiming for a society where Native Rights and the simple act of not killing Indigenous people is honoured. I will always stand up for their rights, period.

Courtney Luzmila

What does Moody Beach hope to provide to the audience through live performance?

Courtney: Just a really fun, energetic and positive experience all bundled in a little groovy, sensual and dark artistic package.

Can you provide some words of wisdom to aspiring musicians who want to start a band and how it helps to provide positive expressions o0f energy?

Courtney: Like anything in life, music is no different. You have to grind at it every day. Make it your routine, practice by yourself, get in the studio with your band mates and rehearse once a week. Never settle for anything other than your absolute best. Be humble, keep your circle tight and make sure that you have something to fall back on. Music is a really tough road to master and even if you do, there is still so much to learn. Best of all HAVE FUN CREATING

_ _ 
Courtney and Moody Beach recommend contacting or donating to Beyond Bluefor mental health support. 

Watch Courtney and Melissah live as Moody Beach @_moodybeach on the Childe Live Lounge Thursday October 29 at 8pm on @childe_co live on Insta

Courtney IcourtsthecheezeMelissa Mirage Moody Beach


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