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Our Instagram DM's have faced a torrent of question marks today that heralded surging anticipation behind the big reveal: Who won the Childe x The Chats giveaway?

The cat (Chat?) can't come out of the bag too early though, we have someone to thank for bringing this giveaway to life.

Larrikin and legend guitarist from The Chats, Josh Price, or Pricey as we know him, prepared his guitar, warmed up his cords and delivered a raw and raucaus performance from his own loungeroom to kick off the most recent Childe Live Lounge performance.  This is a segment we have designed to bring live, exciting, off-the-cuff music from artists we love directly to you.  We wanted to get you buzzing, lift spirits and also to show support of positive mental health, and Pricey was raring to get on board.  He brought an intense 15 minute unplugged set to Instagram Live and THEN the man gave us a Limited Edition vinyl to share with you all.  If you see Mr Price around, be sure to give him a clap on the back.

Now, we won't keep you waiting any longer.  @Josh_hobart you have won The Chats High Risk Behaviour album in Limited Edition Vinyl AND Pricey's favourite Childe sunglass, The Treble.  We'd love to see The Chats play at a Bunnings Warehouse.  Snag in one hand, VB in the other, and Childe sunnies to handle all the flare.  We will contact you through Instagram to organise sending your prize pack. Congratulations! Maybe a victory pub feed wouldn't go astray for you tonight.

For those of you that missed out, there is plenty more of The Chats merch in the sea. Visit their website to see what other discoveries await you in their online store.  You might just find some tour dates for places near you too.

The Treble, Pricey's Childe sunglass of choice, is available in four sleek colourways here.  Rose fade isn't your jam? Maybe polarised is the way forward for you.

We had a lot of fun with this giveaway,  so keep a close eye on us. There will be more where that came from.