CHILDE | Gig Guide June 6

It's a long weekend baby! That means more nights you can afford to drink beers and stay up late watching excellent live music without having to wake up and go to work. We like the sound of that a lot. Here's some of our long weekend suggestions. Giddy up.

Vast Hill w/ Not A Boys Name

Our favourite Sydney synth stars Vast Hill, have got a ripper one lined up for those of you that start your weekend on a Thursday, and for those of you who don't, tonight could be a good night to start. They're playing with an awesome Indie Pop band from the states called Not A Boys Name, who are kind of a bit of a trip, in the most exciting way. If you don't believe me, check the video below.

Thursday, June 6th @ Oxford Art Factory, Sydney


The Oogars w/ Sophie Ozard and Ali Barter

This is a big one. An all killer, no filler line up of some of the finest ladies in Australian rock'n'roll. Ali Barter has been rightfully riding the airwaves of Triple J for a while now and we are chomping at the bit to see her grungey sound translate into a live show. Meanwhile, Sophie Ozard has been quietly and efficiently writing sweet songs of rebellion in order to tear down the patriarchy. Oh yeah and number one funksters The Oogars will be there.... I guess we'll see you front-right?

Friday, June 6th @ The Byron Bay Brewery, Byron Bay


Honey Hayze

New friends of Childe, Honey Hayze kick off their national tour this weekend with a serious bang. Honey Hayze at first listen are a 2019 Sydney carnation of The Doors, however the more you listen, the more you find. Complex layers of brass, keys and guitar overlap to create an interesting and unique sound that leaves enough room for you to boogie down to. We can't wait to catch these guys live. 

Saturday June 8th @ Northcote Social Club, Melbourne

Sunday June 9th @ Barwon Bowling Club, "God Save The Fiends" Festival


The Chats w/ Crocodylus

This mammoth of a tour is rolling on this weekend, hitting Melbourne and Adelaide like a god damn tornado that had one too many Victoria Bitter's. I don't know if the city of churches is ready for such debauchery, I guess we'll find out... We really can't urge you enough to go along to these shows, they will be historical or a the the very worst hysterical. Be there yo.

Saturday June 8th @ Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Sunday June 9th @ Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide


BAY FM Countdown Tribute Dance Party

Byron Bay's favourite radio station is throwing their annual winter discotheque, this year the theme is a tribute to Countdown, the iconic music tv show. Last time I went to the annual Bay Fm boogie, I danced my little heart out but I couldn't keep up with the oldies. It's like the nostalgia gives them super strength. They will not be out-danced! It's an hilarious evening of great music and great people. If you're around the Northern Rivers, it'll be the place to be this weekend.

C.O.F.F.I.N w/ Flight To Dubai, Dress-Up

When good friends team up in their local city to blow peoples brains apart with raucous fast rock'n'roll you know it's going to be a good time. C.O.F.F.I.N are a Northern Beaches band that pretty much destroy every cliche you have in your head about the Northern Beaches - they're political, they're debaucherous and they're down right dirty. Their friends Dress-Up are over here at the moment from the U.S of A. They're pretty much a northern hemisphere doppelganger but with less people in the band. Judging from the Instagram stories I've seen of them, things tend to get beautifully messy. Flight To Dubai are your new favourite band, god damn, the passion! We love it. So go get filthy on a Sunday.

Sunday June 9th @ Frankies Pizza, Sydney

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