Antics Roadshow with The Moving Stills & Teenage Dads

Hitting the road on regional tourAntics Roadshow, Central Coast bandThe Moving Stillsare spreading their nostalgic, garage surf sounds, as they sweep in with the growing next generation of Australian bands refreshing our playlists. Touring alongside fellow Aussie bandTeenage Dads, they’ve partnered withCHILDEto bring the good vibes to locations across NSW, QLD, ACT & VIC.

Having played a few shows withTeenage Dadsin early 2019, the boys all hit it off. Talk of a regional headline tour together emerged whenThe Moving StillssupportedTeenage Dadson their last two headline shows in Melbourne.Antics Roadshowthen came to be, which now feels like a perfectly fitting name for eight young musicians spending the next month on the road together in one van.

The Moving Stills brought their effortless style to the stage atWaywardsin Sydney last week, kicking off their second show playing to an embracive crowd who displayed the evident growing following the boys are gaining. Particularly in hits‘Stick Around’and‘Nineteen’,fans were passionately in tune with lyrics, and belting them out along to the good vibes of the tracks. Their following show atThe Northernin Byron Bay“killed it”, and the band describe all shows to date as“stacks of fun”.

Their most recent single‘Stick Around’premiered on Triple J earlier this year, showcasingThe Moving Stills’unique sound. They shared an insight on their musical processes and current inspirations, saying,“We have been into and listening to bands & artists like Beck, The Jungle Giants, Peace, so we may take flavours from such artists, but when we sit down together anything can come out.”

The boys fromThe Moving Stillstalked about the natural influence they andTeenage Dadshave on each other to learn whilst touring together.“It’s cool to hang out with and play alongside another band trying to do a similar thing, but from a totally different place,”sayThe Moving Stills.“Hanging out with the dads for the next month or two is going to be a pretty epic time.”

The band were looking forward to diving into the music scene in Adelaide on this tour, performing some rural shows, as well as all dates still to come onAntics Roadshow.

Stay tuned for when this tour is back on the road later in 2020. Listen to The Moving Stills here 

Photography & Words by Lua Prichard @luaprichard

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February 25, 2023

Ediszih Asejuveya

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