STIMULI Rouge Tort | Grey Bio Lens

  • In the muddled sea of monotonous eyewear, the "Stimuli" wayfarer emerges as a beacon of defiance — a testament to those who tread the edge. This isn't your run-of-the-mill frame; it's a harbinger of the wild, the uncharted, the downright freakish delights of life.

  • With lines sharp enough to slice through the bland, and lenses that not only view the world but challenge it, the Stimuli is an anthem. It's a call to the bold, the seekers of stimuli in a world gone tepid. Strap these on and don't just walk the road less traveled — blaze it.

    Our CHILDE WiLDe plant based Sunglasses frames are made from a plant based grilamid polymer made from 61% renewable resources.

    This polymer is petrochemical free and dramatically reduces carbon emissions. The future is nature.

    We have now introduced a plant based bio lens to compliment our eco conscious frames. The plant based lenses are made from a castor oil base nylon which is made from 39% renewable resources.

    Plant based lenses are light, scratch resistant and provide premium optical clarity.

  • Lens

    1. Square Wayfarer style | Base 4 Lens Curve
    2. Lens category 3 | High UV Protection
    3. Grey colour Plant Based Bio Lens – anti scratch, lightweight, superior viewing
    4. Optical lenses can be fitted


    1. Plant based grilamid polymer made from 61% renewable resources.
    2. Triple barrel stainless steel hinges | strong non corrosive
    3. Fold Away Hard Case Inclusive


    1. Lens width – 60mm
    2. Distance btw lenses – 12mm
    3. Temple length – 130mm
    1. Childe for Life 12 month free lens replacement
    2. 12 Month frame warranty for defective products
    3. Read full warranty policy here
    1. 21 day love or return policy
    2. Free Worldwide Shipping


Sunglass Frames made from EMS Plant-Based Grilamid BTR 600 LS which is a high-performance polyamide made of 62% renewable resources derived from plant based castor oil - a renewable resource. 

This is the alternative we choose as opposed to crude oil based polyamide. EMS is a Swiss company specialising in Green Line Polymers for mould injected eyewear

Plant-Based Grilamid BTR 600 LS is notable for being lightweight, durable, and resistant to both impacts and temperature variations, making it ideal for both everyday wear and active lifestyle eyewear. 


The Childe innovative bio lenses are made from 39% renewable resources derived from plant based castor oil as opposed to crude oil made lenses. 

Childe bio nylon lenses are lightweight so they are comfortable, scratch resistant and offer superb clarity with premium UV sun protection - while significantly reducing carbon footprint and supporting sustainable resources.


Visottica Group is an Italian company who is the world leader in precision micro-mechanics with advanced technology for eyewear. 

Visottica produce our premium optical stainless steel hinges with a reactive structure that responds to the need for flexibility and precision in Childe bio-acetate and mould injected eyewear.


In consideration to the environment, we do not create extra packaging, excess waste or unnecessary plastic for or within our packaging.

  • Our sunglass socks or pouches are made from recycled PET plastic bottles. These pouches are also great for cleaning your glasses. Use clean water only and do not add sand :)
  • Our sunglass cardboard boxes can be recycled.
  • We only print with plant-based inks on the packaging boxes so no petroleum inks are used by CHILDE.
  • Any plastic used in our packaging is compostable.


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