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Childe Ouroboros Sterling Silver Ring

  • The Childe Ouroboros Sterling Silver ring is hand crafted by Annelies Ellanora - an artisan jeweller from Brunswick Heads in the Northern Rivers of NSW.

    CHILDE is embodied by the ancient symbol of the Ouroboros - the serpent eating its own tail defining the universal cycle of life created from death. The Ouroboros is the infinite evolution of our brand's expression of raw energy and natural cycle of evolution.

    Annelies works in collaboration with her partner and artist Drew Macdonald who created and operate the fabulous Electric Mermaid Barber Shop in Brunswick Heads, NSW Drew and Annelies are a cornerstone of our artisan community in the Northern Rivers and we LOVE to support our fellow independent brands and creatives.

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  • Annelies Ellanora sources the Childe sterling silver from Palloys in Marrickville, NSW.

    Responsible sourcing plays a crucial role at Palloys, strongly focusing on obtaining environmentally friendly precious metals that are responsibly and ethically sourced from guaranteed conflict-free areas in Australia.

    Palloys is Australia’s only jewellery manufacturer that can trace its precious metal supply directly to its primary source.

    Palloys build brand trust and reputation as a jeweller, ethical sourcing and traceability of precious metals are of utmost importance.

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