CHILDE DIGS | Tom Wilkinson

In the age of the iPhone, the term "photographer" get's thrown around very very loosely, and there's a lot of folk that will happily claim said title without anything to back them up. Hey, even my Mum will believe she's a photographer when she's behind the iPad after a couple of wines. So to stand out in a sea of fonys is no easy task these days, but when one does stand out, boy it's special. One person who we came across that really stands out, can take a solid gig photo and is an all round great guy, is Tom Wilkinson.
We first came across Tom through Sydney darlings Tuppaware Party and we were instantly impressed with his unique eye for capturing excellent compositions and unique moments. We threw Tom some questions to find out a bit more about the Sydney photographer...
Lay some context out for us, where did you grow up, where do you live and how did you get into photography?
I've lived in Sydney for the last 15 years or so and before that I was in the UK. I got into Photography through mates and had been amongst the music scene here for a while and one day decided to bring an old film camera to a gig and it stuck.

What’s your favourite thing to shoot (fashion, music, street etc.)?
Music is probably my favourite thing to shoot because it's such a big part of my life in every way, I wouldn't know the people I know without it. I also love photographing people off stage too.
What do you like so much about the medium of photography?
I've always been quite a reserved 'on the side lines' kind of person so Photography feels right for me, capturing moments many may overlook in my own unique way.

Highlights of your photog career so far?
Not sure about one specific highlight but probably just all the amazing people I've been able to meet and work with and maintain a relationship with.

You do a fair bit of music photography and get to watch some great bands in a resurgent Sydney music scene. 
Who are some up and coming bands we should know about?
There is definitely a serious scene amongst Sydney despite what gets said, it could be a real big list too but here are a few that come to mind: Rosa Maria, Misty Lanes, Johnny Hunter, The Buoys, Pist Idiots, Andy Golledge Band, The Dandelion, The Jim Mitchells, Moody Beach, Eagle Eye Jones, Fangz, Nick Nuisance & The Deliquents, Crocodylus, The Lazy Eyes, Los Tones (...To name a few)

Who would be your dream musical act to shoot?
Tom Waits.

Any advice for budding young photographers?
Don't stress about gear, find what works for you, have fun and go for it.
Check out Tom's work on the gram at @tomwilkinson__ and if you're lucky you might bump into him at a Sydney mosh pit.

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