HIGH SUPPLY - Breath work for Mental Health Support

Tonight at 7pm AEST Channel Void presents Shift - High Supply - a breath work modality for mental health support.

High Supply is an introduction to breath work with Anna Papaioannou.

Anna is a life and success coach, a psychologist, advanced in nutrition and health and certified in emotional freedom technique.  Anna is the anxiety coach

I think we can all agree in this day and age that we need guidance and support to help cope or deal with our anxieties.

Breath work is the act of conscious breathing to calm our diaphragm, nervous system, spine and body to help control or settle anxiety. Your personal health, attitude and well-being is improved significantly through the simple act of breath work.

“I dealt with anxiety and depression for a big portion of my life. It was the catalyst of learning the best and most up to date methods of dealing with my own mental health and wellbeing. I soon realised that this was not a problem that only touched my life, but the lives of women around the world. As a result, Anna the Anxiety Coach was born to support and guide women and men to take control over their lives and step into their true power.”

Where are you hurting?
What needs to SHIFT? 
What perspective is holding you back?
Where can you SHIFT? 
There’s a new world forming.
Prepare to SHIFT. 

The SHIFT Immersive experiences offers a plethora of healing modalities facilitated by the individuals who have mastered them. They are the online experiences you never knew you needed - the portal into the Void between the old and the new you. 

There is something for everyone in every experience.

Our friends at Channel Void have got some complimentary tickets to offer you for tonights SHIFT with Anna.

Promo code at checkout for you is CHILDEXCV 

Tickets to each online SHIFT event are sold through Eventbrite*, and the meeting link (hosted by Zoom) will be sent to you upon confirmation of your attendance.

*Members of Channel Void receive free access to all SHIFT events.

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