Make A Wave in September for Surf Aid Charity

We love to visit, holiday and surf in Indonesia. We love the people of Indonesia.

My personal experiences of the warm culture and community of Bali and the surrounding Indonesian archipelago have shaped who I am as a person and is a huge inspiration to why I started this sustainable eyewear brand CHILDE

Having travelled extensively surfing throughout Indonesia from the island of Bali I have been very fortunate to be welcomed with open arms to various remote communities.

Ive also seen first hand the terrible struggles these remote communities have with clean water, sanitation and the general lack of understanding of health and hygiene due to lack of access to resources and education.

Many of these remote communities are now also suffering from the impact of Covid-19.

The Indonesian people in these remote communities need our help more than ever.

Enter our friends at Surf Aid who are constantly providing all the help they can for these beautiful people to access clean water and further education to improve their family and community health and wellbeing.

This September we are surfing every day for the month to raise funds through the #Makeawave initiative for SurfAid to help give families health, hygiene, training and access to clean water for a year. When you support our fundraising you give people in remote communities connected to us through surfing a hand up, rather than a handout.

SurfAid's geographical focus is on the heartlands of surfing where few visitors but surfers go, make their work unique. They specialise in working in very isolated villages where the maternal and child mortality rates are some of the highest in the world.

With your support, we can give families the best chance of getting ahead by providing access to healthcare, clean water and sanitation and improved nutrition.

As a team we at Childe Eyewear are aiming to raise $10,000 for the people of Indonesia during September with Make a Wave

Anything you can donate to support our efforts is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help and support to the people of Indonesia in need. 🕶

Please donate to Surf Aid's Make a Wave here  

Find out more about getting involved and donating regularly to the legends at Surf Aid here

Surf Aid Make a Wave Childe Eyewear


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