Goons of Doom, "Black Skull Bong" | CHILDE Review

The Goons of Doom are potentially the funnest band in Australia. They've managed to stay relevant, full of youth and kicking ass since the dawn of time. They adhere to no ones idea of "cool", instead transcending genre by drunkly dunking their unwashed toes in everything from punk to country all in the one album and basically just chugging out their own version of filthy, dirty rock'n'roll. 

Killer Whale | Tearing at Bangalow Pub

My youth, like many coastal Australians my age, is scattered with fond memories of watching the Goons tear up stages in places that many other bands overlooked. They are one of a few bands from that time in my life that I haven't "grown out of", I would say that this is due to the little amount of fucks the band gives and their ability to always supply a bloody good time. I would even go as far to suggest that many bands that have come from coastal towns in the last ten years, owe a little something-something to the Goons of Doom.

So then, the new album, "Black Skull Bong", how does she go? Well, it's been 13 years since their first full-length album "Dead Barbie and Ghost" came out, and god damn, the newby packs the same amount of punch. The album is full of surreal puns, sci-fi references and sing-alongs.

goth moth ,by the goons of doom from the dope city on Vimeo.


"Vincent Van Goth" kicks the album into gear with the timeless Goons sound and catchy hooks we all crave. From then on in, it's the ups and downs of all good Goons albums. Killer Whale supplying the dirty riff fuelled tracks like "Back on my Feet" and "Fkd Up", which provide the darker moods of the band's sound and create flash backs to the sobering thoughts you have while walking home from the pub by yourself at 3am. Then you have the straight up ya clacka, let's get fucked up tracks, kindly supported by Vaughan Deadly - "24 Bottles of Beer" and "Bong Scum" - that make you want to scull beers with your mates and fly the middle finger in the face of authority and responsibility. Then we have the always loveable, warm, fuzzy, completely mind-bending and head-bopping Ozzie Wrong tracks like "Goth Moth", "I Believe in Love and Aliens" and "Life Sux".

I guess what I'm trying to say is, the Goons of Doom fuckin rule! If you're looking for a new Bon Iver album , you can piss off, cos this is the Goons of Doom baby, and they're back. So put the new album on, grab your mate around the shoulders, wrap your lips around a coldie and give them a big wet kiss.

To celebrate the release of this epic album, the lads are hitting the road hard in the coming months. With support from Melbourne icons Drunk Mums, plus Dicklord and Blister it's bound to be a belter. Tour dates below, and keep your eyes on the CHILDE socials for updates about joining this very special tour. Enter #GoonsXChildeTour here

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