Earth Ocean Atmosphere - James Adams

James Adams is an exceptional young gentleman who appreciates good Aussie Rock'n'Roll, whisky by Jameson and a festival atmosphere. You could not actually meet a nicer bloke. James is renowned for enjoying and sparking a great conversation along side capturing simply stunning images of his friends and lifestyle. James shot our initial Childe Eyewear campaign featuring Jacob Boylan, lead singer of Mini Skirt who is one of James good mates ( image of Jacob from Falls Festival below showcasing James diversity of photography skills).

Earth Ocean Atmosphere is James Adams new photography project brought to life by the situations of 2020. A photographic print series highlighting the beauty of nature. Let's just say his work here is phenomenal too.

‘I am James Adams. Over recent years, work and leisure have seen me traverse the globe taking in how different communities exist and how the landscapes that surround them shape their way of life. 

James Adams by Tim pear

During 2020 I relocated back to my roots in Northern New South Wales, where it’s a perfect example of a beautifully diverse landscape that shapes the people that inhabit it. As humans effect on nature is undoubtably negative, I’ve noticed natures effect on humans is the opposite and this positive influence has become my catalyst in driving me to look a little closer at our Earth Ocean & Atmosphere.’ @thejamesadams @earth.ocean.atmosphere

This year has rag dolled almost everyone. I really do appreciate the government help but I still feel out of sorts.

Our landlord in Sydney was the definition of an asshole so it was our pleasure to vacate with the absolute minimum amount of notice and relocate up to my old stomping ground, Northern NSW.

With tours and festivals cancelled and time on my hands some high quality relaxation time was embarked upon. However with my turbo brain that struggles to sit through a long movie let alone a quiet professional period, a personal project was birthed in my sleep and begun the next day.

Local, coastal, pretty, shiny, colourful. None of these adjectives depict my regular style so I figured I’d challenge myself and try put my own spin on scenery that is breathtaking but generally photographed too simply and made to look mundane.
I want to capture the beautiful sights of the Northern Rivers with my own spin on it. It should still feel familiar but clearly be unique and thought provoking.

Flutter by James Adams @earth.ocean.atmosphere
Misty Oak by James Adams @earth.ocean.atmosphere

The first 15 images of Earth Ocean Atmosphere went up on the website last Friday and this Friday November 27 sees the launch soiree where people can view a selection of the images framed in all sizes, from Small to X-Large, while washing down Jordy’s pizza with champagne and Jameson whiskey.

If crew miss the Friday night I’ll be in the space on Saturday and Sunday from 8AM-Noon & from 4pm-8pm.The first day in each month sees 3 new images added to the website so keep your eyes peeled for what hopefully looks somewhat familiar but different and … better.

Billow Birds by James Adams @earth.ocean.atmospherePandanas - James Adams @earth.ocean.atmosphere

Earth Ocean Atmosphere by James Adams

Jacob Boylan of Mini Skirt by @thejamesadams

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