CHILDE | Gig Guide (September 12)

Yeah yeah, bit on this weekend. Bit of everything for everyone. Yeah, bit on. Here's what we reckon you'd like to see.


From the balmy climate of North Coast NSW, Tora have been creating synthy, enjoyable and well put together grooves for a little while now. They're on the up and up, touring in the overseas and winning hearts all over the globe. I haven't seen them live but if the effort and energy they put into their music and film clips are anything to go by, I assume their live show is absolutely killer. For fans of Parcels and new Tame Impala.

Thursday, September 12 @ Lansdowne, Sydney



 Newcastle's favourite daughter is playing a home show this weekend and it is bound to be loose. Fritz makes tasty, enticing, angsty and super fun tunes for any mood, and we bloody love her. She's halfway through touring her new single Jan 1 (see vid below) and by the looks of things was busy turning heads last week at Big Sound. We recommend getting around this show and any other shows near you on her Aus tour.

Friday, September 13 @ Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle


September Screamer w/ Rebel Yell + Angie + The Shitfits + Enzyme + Future Suck + Smooch

Halloween's come early with this bad boy and what a ripper of a line up! Rebel Yell picked up a lot of new followers after their awesome performance at Splendour a few months back, and are sure to rip the roof off the Tote with their dirty dance beats and distorted vocals. Also worth getting their early to watch Smooch, Melbourne's newest super group, a glam-rock dream compiled of members of Drunk Mums, Dumb Punts and Mesa Cosa. With all the deliciousness in between it's set to be one hell of an evening. 

Friday September 13 @ The Tote, Melbourne


Totty w/ Pandamic

One of Australia's fastest rising garage outfits, Totty have been on a hell-ride tour through Aus, giving people sore-necks and hangovers worth remembering. We sent a couple of lucky punters along to their Melbourne show at Workers Club the other week and it looked like a blinder. This weekend they're headed north to spread the love up our way. Bringing along, label-mates Pandamic as well as local heart melters Bed Club to warm things up on stage.

We'll see you at the Northern!

Friday, September 13 @ Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

Saturday, September 14 @ The Northern, Byron Bay


 RMFC aka Rock Music Fan Club are one of many great new young Sydney bands climbing their way to the top at the moment, and with what they've put out over the past couple of years, the future is in safe hands. They've had a lot of hype around them and for bloody good reasons. With a clear influence from the Ty Segall scene, RMFC have been able to put their own unique spin on things, with sharp riffs and well thought out lyrics, they're a must see band. We'd recommend catching them before everyone falls in love with them and you have to pretend you don't like them because they're so popular even though you still listen to them in your car alone.

Friday, September 13 @ Lansdowne, Sydney

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