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MOOD Gloss Tort | Green Polarised Bio Lens

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  •  Our first release in the new ‘Childe Aquatic’ Polarised Bio Eyewear collection. A geometric square aviator with key hole brow detail in a base 6 curve for ultimate sun protection, style and comfort.

    Hand crafted frames made from organic Acetate, complimented with innovative plant based Polarised bio lenses.

    Introducing our new Childe Aquatic Polarised Bio Eyewear

    Eco-considered, bio-acetate and plant based Polarised eyewear to enhance your view on an oceanic lifestyle.

    Designed in Byron Bay, Australia to provide the ultimate in UV sun protection and ocean viewing pleasure.

    Each frame is crafted meticulously by hand, using a world-class Organic Bio- Acetate, complimented with an innovative blant-based Polarised bio-lens.

    Live with the sea in Childe Aquatic Polarised Bio Eyewear

  • Lens

    1. Square aviator style | Base 6 Lens Curve
    2. Lens category 3 | High UV Protection
    3. Green colour Plant Based Polarised Bio Lens – anti scratch, lightweight, superior viewing
    4. Optical lenses can be fitted


    1. Organic Bio-Acetate frames manufactured from organic compounds of wood & cotton pulp fibres.
    2. Seven barrel stainless steel hinges | strong non corrosive
    3. Fold Away Hard Case Inclusive


    1. Lens width – 61mm
    2. Distance btw lenses - 12mm
    3. Temple length - 145mm
    1. Childe for Life 12 month free lens replacement
    2. 12 month frame warranty for defective products
    3. Read full warranty policy here
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