The CHILDE eyewear collection is designed in Byron Bay and hand made in Italy by boutique, family owned, optical manufacturers.

CHILDE use sustainable, eco-friendly and bio-degradable materials wherever we can.

The CHILDE Eyewear collection is defined by 2 distinct eco-sensitive frame materials and design aesthetics.

CHILDE Hand Made Bio Acetate Eyewear - Crafted from premium Mazzuchelli M49 bio-acetate which is made from organic compounds of wood and cotton pulp fibres. Built to last a lifetime as eyewear but is also 100% bio-degradable under controlled industrial composting conditions of International standard ISO 14855.

M49 Bio-Acetate is 100% eco-friendly, 100% bio-degradable and 100% recyclable.

Our CHILDE WiLDe plant based Sunglasses frames are made from a plant based grilamid polymer made from 61% renewable resources. This polymer is petrochemical free and dramatically reduces carbon emissions.

To compliment our eco conscious frames we now use plant based bio lenses that are light, scratch resistant and provide premium optical clarity.

The Italians are renowned for their craft engineering. Tooling eyewear has been a specialty over the past millennium.

The Italian culture and design combined with our Australian style and passion for music and art provide the recipe for CHILDE eyewear.

We have worked with our design and manufacturing team across 3 global brands over the last 25 years.

This experience and knowledge has defined our creative design concepts to deliver sunglass products featuring unique and classic style with exceptional fit and comfort at premium Italian quality.


In celebration of the release of GIMMY’s highly-anticipated debut album ‘Things Look Different Now’, Childe has collaborated with GIMMY to release a sunglass style The Lyric in 4 colours to celebrate this sensational debut and support GIMMY on the road. If you haven already NOW is the time to get around GIMMY on their biggest Australian tour to date

Experienced and pro surfers will share their stories and strategies for overcoming barriers and forging their own paths forward. By creating a supportive environment, Surfers for Climate seeks to uplift women in the surfing world, breaking down barriers and promoting equality.

Childe Eyewear are thrilled to be part of the eagerly anticipated 2024 Mullet Pro!

This spectacular event is making its grand return after a four-year pause, and it's happening this Saturday, March 23rd at Tamarama Beach. Together, we're set to make waves, combining fashion, surf, and a shared commitment to spark crucial conversations around mental health.
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