Our Mission

Vision and Sustainability

At CHILDE, we are committed to crafting superb quality eco eyewear that not only elevates your style and vision but also instills confidence with premium UV sun protection. 

Embracing the philosophy that "The Future is Nature," we are on a mission to deliver the world's finest eco-sensitive fashion eyewear.

Childe Eyewear is made with Love for You.

Our Heritage

Inspired by Art and Nature

Childe Eyewear is a tribute to the artists, musicians, and activists who shape our vision.

Born from a fusion of Australian spirit and artisanal Italian craftsmanship, CHILDE stands as a testament to eco-conscious fashion.

Our eco eyewear sunglass designs, conceived in beautiful Byron Bay are meticulously handcrafted by boutique, family owned, optical manufacturers.

Childe is made with Love and attention to detail with Fair Trade, Eco considered manufacturers in Italy or China that share our brands premium quality and environmental ethos.

We are not just creating eyewear; we are nurturing a global movement towards eco-sensitive fashion that honors nature’s infinite cycle.

Our Symbol

The Childe Ouroboros

The iconic Childe ouroboros symbolizes the infinite circle of life and our dedication to creating products from earth's elements. 

This emblem reinforces our respect for nature and our belief in a sustainable future.

Join us as we embark on a journey to create a modernistic global eyewear movement that conscientiously considers the future.

Our Journey

A Legacy of Passion and Expertise

Founded in 2018 by visionary Jon Laurenson, CHILDE's journey began in eclectic Lisbon, Portugal - fuelled by the creative flames of local street artist Mario Belem to define the Childe Ouroboros logo.

Jon's experience in fashion and action sports eyewear spans 25 years as an original founder of Electric Visual and managing Arnette Optics in Australia during the late 90’s.

In 2018 Jon created the Childe eco sensitive sunglass collection with boutique optical manufacturers in Italy and then returned to Australia.

Between Byron Bay and Bondi, Jon formed a creative team including Tim Okkerse who’s background included retail and software design to bring the CHILDE eco eyewear brand to life. 

With over 25 years of leading the eyewear fashion industry, Jon alongside Tim has steered CHILDE to embody a community-centric ethos, brimming with eco-sensibilities and a rock & roll atmosphere.

Our path is paved with innovation, care for the environment, and an unwavering commitment to quality.


Eco-Innovation Meets Style and Quality

CHILDE's eyewear collections stand apart in their ecological integrity, quality and style.

Our frames, crafted from pioneering Plant Based and Bio-Acetate materials, represent the zenith of sustainable fashion.

Complimented with innovative bio plant based lenses, both the Childe Wilde and Hand Made Bio collections are symbols of our dedication to lasting quality, environmental responsibility, and the celebration of individuality.

Each piece is a statement of our mission: to deliver the pinnacle of eco-sensitive fashion eyewear to the world.

Childe Eyewear is superb quality with the ultimate fit to enhance your style and vision


In celebration of the release of GIMMY’s highly-anticipated debut album ‘Things Look Different Now’, Childe has collaborated with GIMMY to release a sunglass style The Lyric in 4 colours to celebrate this sensational debut and support GIMMY on the road. If you haven already NOW is the time to get around GIMMY on their biggest Australian tour to date

Experienced and pro surfers will share their stories and strategies for overcoming barriers and forging their own paths forward. By creating a supportive environment, Surfers for Climate seeks to uplift women in the surfing world, breaking down barriers and promoting equality.

Childe Eyewear are thrilled to be part of the eagerly anticipated 2024 Mullet Pro!

This spectacular event is making its grand return after a four-year pause, and it's happening this Saturday, March 23rd at Tamarama Beach. Together, we're set to make waves, combining fashion, surf, and a shared commitment to spark crucial conversations around mental health.


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