THREE WAYS | Post-Party

As we wash off the webs, tie up our laces and pretend like we're all sweet to be at work, let us re-trace our steps and try to piece together what went down at our pre-Splendour party at the Secret Garden with Wrangler and Fallen Broken Street. One thing's for sure - there were tasty drinks, kickin' tunes and good times aplenty!

CHILDE sunglassesJacob checking out his new Childe Lyric sunglasses

Tuppaware Party opening up the pre-Splendour party

The evening kicked into gear pretty quick with Tuppaware Party welcoming in the guests with a mellow afternoon set. Setting the tone for the cocktails, martinis and Young Henrys brews, which were all hastily sipped by smiling lips. As the party-goers perused their way through the party, trying on quality hats from the Fallen Broken Street crew, whipping on some Childe Eyewear and slipping into some iconic Wrangler jackets. The Childe Lyric was an instant hit with the punters, clearly having foresight for their festival outfits the next day. The Mookhi was also getting a thorough work out and matched the class of the evening to a tee. It's safe to say everyone at the party was looking pretty decked out by the time The Butlers hit the stage. 

Ainsley Hutchence from Sticks and Stones Agency, with crew in towThe lads from The Butlers rocking their Childe Eyewear

The Butlers played a long, high energy set that had everyones feet moving and hearts throbbing. The dropping East coast sun was the perfect setting for their surfed out Kiwi reggae. The Exit went down a treat with the lads from across the ditch, rocking them throughout their ripper forty-five minute set. The boys even dropped in a cheeky Pixies cover that really got the people going. 

The Butlers on stage in the Childe Exit

Thanks Don Julio for the delicious cocktails

By the time the sun had dropped and the Espresso martinis were kicking in, it was time for the dazzling enigma that is Holiday Sidewinder to slide off her Childe Komodo's and take the stage. Perhaps stage isn't the right term. Holiday spent very little time on the actual stage and far more time climbing barrels, dancing with the party-goers and getting down with whoever got within striking distance. We can assure you that by the end of her set everyone at Secret Garden had shaken their booty, she lit the night up and perked up the ears of many. After Holiday it was a quick bar trip for the last few Don Julio cocktails, Southern Comfort mixers, Ketel One espresso's or Young Henry's cans and then back to the dancefloor.

Ketel One espresso martini in hand and the Mookhis on point

With very little break, a rowdy crowd, and a rapidly drying bar, Tuppaware Party hit the stage for their second set. Everyone was well in the mood now and tonguing for some more tunes to keep their bodies warm in a quickly dropping outside temperature. Shelly, the lead lady and songwriter of Tuppaware, stepped up to the plate as always and blew the night away. With a cordless mic and her signature sunnies the "Tuppaware", Shelly took the nod from Holiday and ventured out onto the dance-floor, daring the brave to come get down with her. With the boys holding it down on the stage, the crowd swarmed around Shelly, boogying on down, spilling their drinks and falling in love with their new favourite band. The whole party was doing their best to sing along to the songs that many hadn't heard before, but wish they had. 

Shortly after Tuppaware Party finished, everyone was fired up and let loose into the unsuspecting streets of Byron Bay, and before they knew it they were standing in the bus line for Splendour. We assume everyone had an awesome night, we sure did. 

More pics from the night below:

Half of Tuppaware Party after their setMystery man in the Exit with the Wrangler x Childe denim jacketFallen Broken Street and Childe hand in handJon and Shelly utilising Ozzy Wrights alien artwork

The Mookhi and an Espresso Martini... Yes please!Shelly from Tuppaware Party in her signature sunglassesThe Lid and a Young Henrys tin... perfect!

Tarik and Mahalia rocking the Komodo and TuppawareJon and Ainsley flaring up with the Mookhi

Shelly from Tuppaware Party and co with the Mookhi, Tuppaware and Lyric


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