Splendour in the Grass is the biggest festival in the country. So it can become easily overwhelming when trying to figure out the best way to take it on. Luckily for you we made a day by day guide to who we reckon are the best acts hitting the various stages.


Kick off your Splendour right by getting in there early and sussing out the grounds if you haven’t been there before. It’s easy to get lost, which can be a good thing, unless it’s when you’re trying to find your favourite act one minute before they start.

While you’re there early, make sure you get around Rebel Yell.Hailing from the Sunshine Coast, this act is for fans of Crystal Castles and Prodigy. Distorted vocals over heavy hitting, dirty dirty techno beats, you’ll be wanting to throw on your Childe LYRIC’s to really get in the zone and cut some shapes. It’s sure to get you in the mood for a big day of partying.



Next up you’ll be wanting to see Childe favourites and kings of Tasmania A.Swayze & The Ghosts.These guys have been making serious waves around the globe, recently getting back from some huge shows in the UK. A. Swayzeare known for their high energy and incredibly entertaining live shows, we can’t wait to see them bring it all to the Splendour stage. Here's a throwback to when they played at Childe HQ earlier this year. 



After that you can keep your Childe DEBASER’s on for another ripping rock’n’roll set by UK punkers Slaves.Think the best of Brit-pop mashed together with The Clash, it’s unmistakably British and unmistakably kick-ass.



WOLFMOTHERwill be on not too long after, so maybe grab yourself a quick bite to eat, replenish some energy and swap up your DEBASER’s for a pair of our DELETE aviators, for that classic 70’s rocker vibe. Although Wolfmother have debatably been on a bit of a decline, there’s no doubt they still now how to kick out a ripper show you won’t want to miss.

LA surf-punkers FIDLARwill be causing havoc as well. With their catchy, angst-fuelled and sand soaked punk rock, their a sure fire way to jump around, sweat it up and jump around with your mates. For fans of Dune Rats and Wavves.




If you’re feeling the boogie, chuck on some speedy MOD’s and head over to genre bending Pop queen Santigold.Santigold has been around for a while now and she never ceases to bring the groove. High energy sets and funky drum beats will have your booty shaking!

Finally you’re going to want to get a real good spot up on the hill, slide on your Childe TREBLE's, grab a drink and get ready for one of the best bands in the world – our very own Tame Impala.Anyone who has seen these guys live won’t be missing the set, and if you haven’t you really don’t want to be stuck on the wrong side of the amphitheatre.  


Saturday morning will be good for a bit of recovery food and hitting the shops. Speaking of.. CHILDE will be set up inside Splendour at the iconic Fallen Broken Street bus, so make sure you come past and we can deck you out in the best eyewear going at Splendour.

We will probably recommend you get a pair of MOOKHI’s, a beer and a march into the pit for Moaning Lisa.A kick ass Canberra based band with a strong lead lady that’ll have you screaming girl power and fuck you to the patriarchy.



You can carry that attitude and your Mookhi’s all the way up until angst-queen Ruby Fieldstakes the stage and your hearts. This chicky-dee has been brewing up a storm around the country, and after you see her rip up a good one at Splendour, you will know why!



You’ll then have to make a dash for Melbourne psych-punk weirdo’s Tropical Fuck Storm. Lead by Gareth Liddiard (The Drones) these guys have quickly gained a huge following and rightly so. With harsh cynical vocals over some mind-boggling riffage, with a tonne of attitude and little to no fucks given, they may well be your Splendour highlight. These guys will be best viewed through a pair of cool FOLSOM's.



Then we’d suggest you slide into a pair of cool REED’s and kick back cos you’re in for an excellently cruisy evening of more awesome local tunes. With POND, Dope Lemon, Ocean Alleyand Courtney Barnett,four massive Australian exports that have been flying the Aus music flag loud and proud.

Later in the night you might wanna put on a sexy pair of SECRET’s and get on down to British rap-pioneer The Streets.It’s been quite some time since they’ve come out to Australia and they will be flooding you with nostalgia with their delicious and multi-faceted tunes.



Finally, you’ve got the star of the whole festival actor/director/rapper Childish Gambino.He would have to be one of the biggest rappers in the world right now so it’s a bit of a no brainer that his set at splendour is going to be popping off.


You’re gunna have to get in early Sunday to watch the kings of pub-rock Pist Idiots.These wild boys of the west have been gigging, maybe for two years straight now, so they sure know how to play a show. Make sure you catch this, these guys are a crowd favourite with a serious cult following.




Up next we reckon you should chuck on the EXIT and trip the flip out to the band with the best name in the biz – Psychedelic Porn Crumpets.Local lads that have been spending a lot of time gracing stages overseas of late, you’ll wanna catch these guys so that in the next few years when they’re headlining you can tell people “I saw them before they were big.”



The Bethsare a band you’re going to see for a little mid-afternoon chill out before the night kicks off into a flurry of ass-shaking featuring Whatsonotand SZA.Then to top off the best weekend of the year you’ll be down in the mosh, the LIDstrapped to your face, covered in Splendour grot and spilt drinks, waving your hips to tripped-out acid-rap hero Chance The Rapper. Although Chance doesn’t often get a lot of mainstream attention. He’s headlining the Sunday for a reason. He can rap like all hell and his production is awesome. I imagine his live shows will pack some punch.



Hopefully you’ve got the Monday off too, so we'll catch you nursing your hangover at a nearby beach with a juice, hazy-eyed behind a pair of CHILDE shades and telling yourself everything is going to be ok.

See you in the mosh!

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