We all know that sometimes even the best sun lenses can be scratched by the usual wear and tear of living your daily lifestyle. 

Things like cleaning sunglasses with a salty sandy tee shirt or towel, sunglasses floating around your hand bag, car or tool box without the case or by simply dropping your sunglasses on the run will scratch your lenses.

We totally understand these things happen but it shouldn't be the end of your favourite pair of shades.

We teamed up with local award winning Byron Bay company The Sunglass Fix to provide you the ability to replace scratched or damaged lenses so your sunglasses can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Together, for you, we created Childe for Life to replace your sunglass lenses at any time. Sustainable lens replacement. Premium quality, eco sensitive, sustainable sunglasses. Designed in Byron Bay. Made In Italy.

Our CHILDE FOR LIFE warranty program offers you a free lens replacement for your sunglasses up to 12 months from the date of purchase.

After 12 months you can purchase replacement lenses at a very reasonable cost direct from

We have a lifetime warranty for any defective eyewear products.

The Childe WiLDe plant based sunglasses frames have a 12 month warranty.

The Childe Hand Made Bio Acetate frames have a lifetime warranty. 

Our premium quality eco frames and sun lenses ensures your eyewear is Childe for Life.

View full Warranty terms and conditions here.

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