Zoe and Adam on tour with the Goons of Doom

Who wants to party with the Legendary party band the Goons of Doom? Our new mates Zoe and Adam did. 

Zoe from Logan entered cause her fella Adam is a fanatic you might say. Next thing you know she won a cheeky weekend to see the Goons go wild with Adam in Byron Bay and Coolangatta. 

Adam is an Aussie garage punk band fanatic while Zoe is a lovely young lady along for the good times... and together they made a beautiful Goons weekend together.  

Staying in lux accomodation at Waves in Byron Bay and the Pink Hotel in Coolangatta these fine young lovers lived it up in style while hanging with some of the best real life Aussie punk rockers on offer. 

This Goons tour had the lot. 4 bullshit bands including support from the always epic Drunk Mums, crazy lady sensations Dicklord and the local lads from Blistar band. This was Aussie power punk rock n roll at its very explosive best.

Blistar opened the shows at the Great Northern Byron and Cooly Hotel with a powerful display of grungy riffs, followed by the outrageous Dicklord chicks who were absolutely WILD each night. If you havent seen either of these bands make sure you do ASAP.

Drunk Mums showed the fans why they are one of the very best live rock n roll acts in OZ right now. Bloody Iconic you might say actually.

The Goons were not to be outdone though, with high energy performances of FUCKING fun - drunk fuelled jumping, dancing, chanting, singalong mosh pits to the Aussie surf party punk rock n roll legends. All the Goons - Ozzie, Killer, Cowboy and Deadly are highly entertaining but Vaughan Deadly was masterful in his relentless energy and showed his class with huge half nude encores on both nights.

The Goons of Doom winners Zoe and Adam were obviously treated to a few schooners with the boys, new CHILDE sunnies, signed tour band tees plus the new Goons Black Skull Bong album but more importantly, a real life rock n roll experience to tell the grand kiddies. Viva la Goons.

Adam and Zoe enjoying a beverage with Ween from Dicklord

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