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The Clique Community by Cait Miers

Cait Miers is an extremely talented, generous and down to earth young lady. An outstanding lifestyle fashion photographer who I have personally known and worked with for around 6 years now. I have seen Cait develop and excel in various opportunities as an outstanding photographer within the fashion and surf industries including campaigns for Billabong, Roxy, NT Tourism and the World Surf League. Most of all though and probably Cait's biggest attribute is her warm and generous character and disposition which has an instant calming effect on everyone around her. Her ability to accept and experience knowledge and then communicate her skills through her photography work and lifestyle means she is born to inspire and help other realise their dreams as if they are her own. Which it is... 

​Today, Cait Miers and The Clique launched their new online community platform dedicated to female creatives. Introducing ​The Clique Community​, a digital membership platform where photographers and creatives can connect, share advice, and learn from some of the best photographers in the field. Within The Clique Community, members can create their own profiles, join groups related to their creative interests, and interact with helpful resources via template downloads, masterclasses, and articles.

The Clique Photo

Unlike LinkedIn and Facebook, The Clique’s new platform focuses on networking within the photography space to provide uniquely customized experiences and connections for each member.

Cait Miers, renowned surf and lifestyle photographer, founded The Clique Photo in 2019 to share her experience with women starting their photography careers. Through this new platform, we are excited to connect with more photographers around the world.

Cait Miers
“We wanted to build something that would create an entirely new experience for female photographers,” said Cait. “Facebook and LinkedIn networking is helpful, but that is not enough for the resources and relationships this community craves.
The Clique Community goes further by incorporating the elements we value in these existing social networks, without all the annoying things we dislike. We’ve built a safe, fun, resource-driven, and relationship-based community that we hope women around the world enjoy!”

Sign up now for a free 30-day trial at ​​. Learn more about The Clique at ​​.
The Clique Community is in class
The Clique Community
About The Clique
The Clique exists to inspire, connect and educate female photographers to chase their dreams and create new opportunities through in-person workshops and online platforms. We help female photographers in a fun, relaxed, and nurturing environment to gain industry knowledge, learn valuable photography techniques, and gain the confidence to kick start their photography careers.
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Introducing ​The Clique Community
An Online Membership Platform for Female Photographers to Connect and Create
Think Facebook/LinkedIn networks with all the features to connect, without the nonsense.
A platform for creatives by creatives.

The Clique Community Provides:
● A Space to Share Your Passions
● Networking and Connection to Fellow Creatives
● Business and Photography Resources
● Community News, Articles, Workshops, Opportunities, and more
Clique CommunityLadies of the Clique Community
The Clique Community

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