Peggy Sue's Prom

Hey legends, 
Bee Rizzi here, owner of Peggy Sue’s Agency in Perth.
On Saturday night we ripped the lid and celebrated the launch of my new business, Peggy Sue’s Agency.
We transformed my favourite local pub “The Local Hotel Fremantle” into the most incredible 70’s themed prom I’d ever seen..the staff were so brave and amazing, because my god, did we launch!!! (its nearly Wednesday and I still cant find my head).
Living for the 70’s and never attending a prom before, I decided to throw my own. 
Little did I know, it took around 450 balloons to cover two 70’s inspired arbors for punters to walk through on entry…then the other 50 to decorate the room itself. So throughout the night you would hear, “OMG!!!! THE BALLOONS!!!”…and thats when I knew we had more guests.
The party started at 6pm and by 8pm we had 100 “OMG’S!!!” come through the door. The DJ’s were absolutely killing it! At one point I turned to a mate and said “Fucken LOL bro,  It’s only 8:30 and we have a loaded dance floor!!!”. By 9:30 there was a solid limbo comp going down. I never realised I had so many flexible friends, with balance!!! And some with a scary competitive streak I’d never seen before. It was loose.
We had raffle tickets at the door and drew a massive comp with over $1000 worth of prizes, which Annie decided took too long to draw so she ended hurling them over her shoulder into the crowd. 
And just when It couldn’t get any better Prom Queen & Queen were announced, thats right, two queens.
Two different themed photo booths that I designed and installed were both occupied all night full of piss wrecks trying to take selfies or recreate the famous "high school ball photo". It was so fun to watch.
Throughout the night, our little pocket rocket and also main photographer for The Agency, Miss Annie Lila Smith, was running an ABSOLUTE muck with her camera, taking the sickest party shots I’d ever seen. 
(Good jobby darling, love you.)
Everyone made such a HUGE effort with their costumes and dressing up, it was a bloody hoot! Annie’s dress kind of resembled a  pink marshmallow, on heat, covered in glitter and another mate of mine walks in and says to me, “dude, you look like a cake!’ 
(Apparently I looked like Tinkerbell at the after party, but I don’t really remember much after midnight, who would?).
So somewhere between looking like food and a Disney character, I’m pretty sure I nailed it.
As the night came to a close, I remember standing there on my own and thinking to myself “fuck me this is a good party”… then very quickly realising, it was mine.
Photos by Annie Lila Smith

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