Don't Kill Live Music

 You might have seen a bit of Internet noise being made about the Don't Kill Live Music campaign that's been coming out of Sydney. Although the rally has already taken place, there's still plenty of ways to get behind this important movement. The current NSW Government seem to be so blind, jaded and utterly ignorant that they have been stomping all over the arts, particularly music.

New South Whales, and in particular Sydney, have and continue to be a crucial part of the national and global music community. To see it being slowly strangled by deluded individuals in power is deeply frustrating. How is Sydney going to be able to create the next AC/DC, The Birthday Party or Beasts of Bourbon when there is no where for bands to play? No venue for fans to gather, sweat and scream. No stinky pubs for the weirdos, rockers, outsiders, artists and music maniacs to congregate and communicate? It's a scary thought.

The Don't Kill Live Music campaign, which aims to "amplify the voice of Australia’s music community," is asking the NSW Government to:

  • Stop killing live music in NSW
  • Form a music regulation roundtable to review all regulation impacting live music
  • Undertake a Regulatory Impact Statement for any regulation impacting music festivals
  • Develop an industry standard with full transparency for user-pays policing and medical services 
  • Work with the music industry to develop robust, effective and achievable safety protocols for festivals

The campaign comes as a reaction to "overbearing regulation, exorbitant police bills, a lack of respect for NSW businesses, and very little recognition of the significant positive impacts of music on our communities".

We reckon it's a cause worth getting around, if you would like to stick it to the man, here's the link to petition:

Get around it!

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