Carbon by Marcie Oneill

Marcie Oneill lives and works on Bundjalung Country/ Byron Bay Shire.
Marcie is a Sculptor, Painter and Performance artist. A naturally inquisitive and resourceful individual Marcie is a loving, playful and soulful man. He is by his own admission, a happy but worried person.

Marcie lived in Manly for many years before he and his wife Gina and family moved to Mullumbimby a few years ago. Marcie and his good friend Nick Riley distribute the worlds best recycled sandal brand Indo Sol from Byron Bay. Marcie also shapes surfboards, plays music and delivers powerful spoken word poetry amongst other things.

Marcie is a creative genius in the classic tortured soul format and we wouldn't have him any other way. Marcie understand his process instinctively. 

The creative process for Marcie is the same across all mediums. That is distilling from the white noise and static of life, meaningful narrative and symbolism, so that we might find some order in chaos.

Marcie’s art is an attempt to map our existential landscape and to describe how we project ourselves upon it.

His works are rickety bridges between the conscious and unconscious mind. They describe the fragile construct in which we vibrate between happiness and sadness and how we reconcile the moments and memories that connect the two.

He is attracted to the intangible esoteric nature of the human experience, as it demands intellect, abstraction, sensitivity and sometimes brutality to reconcile.

In this light it is possible to see the horror in beauty and the beauty in decay.

His new artistic showcase of his beautiful persona is CARBON

Carbon is continually cycling through all living things.

The charcoal remembers the tree and we remember the fire. In CARBON, Marcie imbues his works with not only the metaphorical essence of our physical selves, but the evocation of our shared experiences and sameness. We have carried fire and languages to describe it since the dawn of our time.

It connects all things and is beyond prejudice and opinion.

Marcie’s works are manifest moments collected.

Marcie has exhibited and performed around the world including spoken word performances with members of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, traditional Taiko drummers in Tokyo as well as performances in New York and Thailand.

CARBON is showing from today.

Friday January 14th -23
The Dusty Road
8 Acacia St, Byron Arts and Industrial Estate
Byron Bay. NSW 2481

Carbon by Marcie O'neillCarbon by Marcie O'NeillCarbon by Marcie Oneill Marcie Oneill

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