The Big Weekend

Pricey has a dream, and that dream is to put on and play Rock’ n ‘Roll shows to showcase and create an opportunity for the incredible talent within the Australian music scene. 

After a roller-coaster ride of touring with The Chats playing sold out shows all over the world and meeting hero’s Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and Iggy pop, Pricey has had the time to gather his thoughts, relax and take it all in. “It has always been a dream of mine to put on live rock’n'roll shows and support my fellow artists so I thought what better way to do that by putting on my very own festival, The Big Weekend” 

The Big Weekend is created by an artist for the artists.

Pricey the band

"The Big Weekend idea came about when I recently formed the new band “Pricey”, starting at the bottom again and working our way up the ladder that never ends. 

It made me appreciate how lucky I am to have had my experience and how hard it can be for artists to achieve there goals. I wanted to create opportunities in a positive space on a platform where artists and punters can come together to support live music, enjoy themselves and appreciate the greatest thing that life has to offer, Rock n Roll."

"I am so proud to announce The Big Weekend and the line-up of epic next generation talent that we bring together for a weekend of really good times in 3 epic locations in South East, Queensland.” Josh Price aka ‘Pricey’

The acts for The Big Weekend festival this weekend

  • Headline - Pricey @pricey_the_band
  • The Terry’s @theterrysband
  • Peach Furr @peachfurrr
  • Dusty @dustytheband
  • Opener - Brixton Alley @brixtonalley

Get your tickets here @pricey_the_band | Linktree

Friday April 29 - Miami Marketta - Gold Coast 
Saturday April 30 - Coolum Civic Centre - Coolum Beach 
Sunday May 1 - The Triffid - Brisbane 

Childe is proud to support the artists, musicians and activists who are the foundation of The Big Weekend festival. We are looking forward to a great weekend and hope to see you there :) 

Pricey showcasing his guitar at the Triffid in Brisbane



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