Sunglasses made from plants

Childe make our Childe WiLDe collection from 61% renewable resources using a plant based polymer made from castor oil as opposed to petroleum based chemicals. Most of all this eco-sensitive process drastically reduces harmful emissions to the environment.

We wanted to created a fun symbolic example of the fact that our sunglasses are derived from plant based materials. We hope you enjoy this stop motion animation as a creative look at how we develop our eyewear. We also hope it inspires you further to consider the environment.

The stop motion film animation concept was created by Danny Clayton and brought to life by artist Jess Bush aka One Jessa.

Artist One Jessa is our creative hero and rock star gardener in our Childe Plant Based stop motion film. First Jess had to choose which flowers she would re-create.

"I researched into different types of flowers that I loved, with colours and shapes that might harmonise with some of Childe's sunglass designs.
I made 4 flowers to suit 4 sunglass styles

  • Queen of the Night for the Lyric sunglass
  • King Protea for the Treble sunglass
  • Daisy for the Exit sunglass
  • Sunflower for the Drummer sunglass 

The Drummer Honey Tort in Sunflower

After choosing the flower, I would research into how it would grow and bloom in nature. Then I would build a sturdy base for it to bloom from using bamboo from my garden and repurposed pieces of styrofoam.
Each petal was then individually built using felt and florist's wire, and attached to the base. The petals were arranged in a way that allowed my flower to mimic how the flower would open in the wild. I used things like mop heads and bath mats to get the different pollen-y textures."


The Treble Plant Based sunglass


Current Build Series host and former Channel V host Danny Clayton was the creative director behind this project: -

How did this Childe stop motion plant film idea come to mind for you?

I absolutely loved the Rock N Roll flower, a toy that was popular in the late 80s, early 90s. It was a silly plastic flower wearing sunglasses and holding a guitar that would wobble back and forth if you played it music. It was the first thing that came to my mind when I heard that Childe were Plant Based Sunglasses.

What was your creative process to bring this Childe Plant Based sunglasses stop motion to life?

I wanted to recreate those toy flowers on a larger scale and bring them to life.
I only knew one person who was capable of not only designing/crafting/animating the flowers but could also model them too. Jess Bush is the hero of this project… our rock star gardener.


Jess, Danny and Chris at stop motion frame 634 for the day


What was the message you hoped to bring to life with reference to the environment within these videos?

If you have a choice to protect the environment at absolutely NO cost to quality or style of a product.... take the god dam plant-based option.

How do you personally live more eco sensitively?

By asking myself a simple question… am I being a jerk? Do I need to buy bottled water? Do I need a plastic bag or is that going to kill a turtle?

What is a daily action that you do that we all could do that helps the environment?

Put your money where your mouth is. Support the business that provides eco friendly options. Even if it is buying your coffee from a café that has the paper lids.

What is your favourite pair of Childe plant based sunglasses?

Amber Debaser. The perfect eyewear not only to feel good but also the perfect bug fender when riding a motorbike.

_ _ 

Creative Director - Danny Clayton @dannyclayton
Artist and model - Jess Bush @onejessa
Photography Film - Christopher Moore @cg_moore


Jess Bush wears the plant based Treble Sunglass | Photo by Bart Celestino

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