Sticks and Stones in @Honorsworld

What is Sticks and Stones and how has it changed over the years?

Started out as a clothing label. Successfully got orders from a bunch of QLD/NSW stores. The samples came back from Bali fucked & at the same time a few other brands (One Teaspoon, Ksubi, Insight, Unif, etc) let us represent them here in QLD/North NSW. That wholesale agency part of the business took off & so we quit the brand we wanted to make & focused on the fashion Agency.

Somewhere along the lines I discovered instagram & started curating my feed with photos I loved & other fashion imagery from the brands we sold & some personal stuff too. At that earlier stage of instagram I was limited to posting just one photo from a shoot at a time & so decided to start a blog so that I could post an entire shoot. After a month I started receiving submissions from awesome photographers from all around the globe & it wasn't long before I needed to build a new platform to house everything... :) Most recently we have introduced our first ever S&S merch to our online store & am working my ass off right now to get a coffee table book out by end of July. Fucking excited!

Favourite thing about what you do?

The freedom that comes with choosing my own work hours. But this is a double-edged sword for workaholics. Also, working next to my sexy partner (graphic artist/fashion designer) Matty B & getting him to do stuff for me all the time :)

Tell us a bit about the recent shoot with Honor?

An awesome film photographer & stylist from Sydney (@hunterblue) submitted a series starring Honor a couple months ago. From that moment my obsessive behaviour kicked in & I knew I had to shoot with her too. It can be hard to find models that express themselves so freely & who don't subscribe to the society norm when it comes to beauty standards. She's hairy where hair naturally grows & this is such a powerful statement in photos. It says "I don't give a fuck about other people's expectations of me. I live life by my own standards." As a mother this is one of the most important things I try to teach my 12 year old girl. That pretty much sums up all of the people we feature on Sticks & Stones, hairy or not. Something about them always tells you how confident & sexy they feel in their own skin. The actual shoot day with Honor was fucking great. She's candid, funny, lovely, great in front of the camera... She's a star!

Dream collaboration?

Working on a new mockumentary with Chris Lilley or Larry David. 

Festivals or Gigs?

Always just comes down to the people I'm with & the type of access I get. Lol. But generally both, all of it all.

Ultimate photo shoot soundtrack?

I find 'The Internet'  seems to appeal to all clients & talent on set & never fails to get my juices flowing. But it can change dramatically depending on my mood (cycle). When Im shooting girls its always music by a kick-ass female artist tho. The closer to my period the angrier the music.

Advice for anyone that wants to work in fashion or photography?

Fashion - Hire me to shoot for you :) Photography - Take it slow. Develop your photography style over time & try not to put out any work that doesn't reflect the type of work you want to be paid for in the future. The stronger your "look" or style is the more you can pick & chose your clients & charge because no one else can do the same job as you. So whenever & as much as you can, spend time doing love jobs that don't have to fit anyone else's brief. This is the fastest way to figure out what/how you want to shoot.

@honorsworld by Stick and Stones Agency@honorsworld by Sticks and Stones Agency@honorsworld in the Childe Debaser Gloss Black by Sticks and Stones Agency@honorsworld by Sticks and Stones Agency@honorsworld in Treble electric blue by Sticks and Stones Agency@honorsworld by Sticks and Stones Agency@honorsworld by Sticks and Stones Agency@honorsworld in Childe Debaser Gloss Black Gradient by Sticks and Stones Agency@honorsworld for CHILDE by Sticks and Stones Agency

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