Childe Live Lounge in support of positive mental health

Welcome to the Childe Live Lounge.

Bringing good vibes with live shows from our favourite artists to provide some uplifting mental health during Iso.

Tune in to the Childe Live Lounge artists LIVE Instagram each Thursday for the next 4 weeks.

To get the party started this week we present three of our favourite West Australian artists performing live direct from their personal lounge room to you

Thursday April 23

Live Lounge starts at 8:30pm  AEST / 6:30pm WA time

8:30pm - Teischa @teischa

8:45pm - Paige Valentine @paigevalentine_

9:00pm - Peter Bibby @peterbibbymusicband

Tune in and listen UP direct on each artist Live Instagram each Thursday.

Here are the artists for Thursday April 23.

Childe Live Lounge presents TEISCHA direct from her very own living room. Teischa’s music performance is unique, defiant and quirky while her haunting vocals will put a shiver down your spine.

Be mesmerised in the MOMENTARY @teischa from 8:30pm AEST / 6:30pm WA

The stunning Paige Valentine has a voice that is dangerously seductive. Pure emotion of raw, powerful deliverance in every note. Add in her brilliant blue eyes and acoustic guitar and you can leave your jaw at the door. Not to be missed.

Get to know Paige up close and personal @paigevalentine_  8:45pm AEST 

Followed by the maverick poet himself Peter Bibby

The lyrical genius of Peter Bibby could be approaching the top of his craft. Defined by his shambolic, yet charming rock n roll poetry Bibby brings the sounds of the Aussie suburbs with a healthy dose of medicine quirk. A new album currently in the works following up from the epic Grand Champion.

Peter Bibby @peterbibbymusicband 9:00pm Childe Live Lounge. This is the actual Peter Bibby Live Lounge show

Peter Bibby - Childe Live Lounge 23-4-20 from childe on Vimeo.


Childe Live Lounge teaser with Peter Bibby from childe on Vimeo.




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